Pinoy Inbox’ now on GMA Pinoy TV

Published on: March 25, 2010

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From the most respected, most preferred and fastest-growing Filipino channel broadcast in different parts of the globe, GMA Pinoy TV, comes a project that would spell the great difference of being a Kapuso.

GMA’s flagship international channel, GMA Pinoy TV announces the birth of “Pinoy Inbox,” an affirmation of the channel’s desire to keep Pinoys together wherever they may be.

“Pinoy Inbox” is a community billboard for subscribers where Kapusong Pinoys abroad can post announcements, plug events, post pre and post-event details, send information, invitations, and what-have-you. They can even post videos and photos FOR FREE!

Interested parties only need to provide the basic information (what, when, where), the support video (in MPG format), photos (high-resolution) or logos (high-resolution) to [email protected]

This offer is initially available in the U.S., Asia and the Pacific region, and the Middle East (starting March 26). Be seen and heard on GMA Pinoy TV’s Pinoy Inbox. Call your preferred Pay TV Operator now to subscribe.




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