Julie Anne’s fall on “Party Pilipinas” : Scripted or not?

Published on: January 6, 2013

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Julie Anne San Jose accidentally fell on stage while dancing in “Party Pilipinas Stronger.”

Netizens are now asking if the incident of Julie Anne San Jose where she fell on stage this afternoon is a pure accident or is it intentional?

The incident happened while Julie Anne is performing on stage with fellow “Party Pilipinas” artists for the opening. After Julie Anne’s fall, the music stopped and her co-performers and PP staff crowded on her. As seen on Julie Anne’s reaction, she was badly hurt (she’s even teary eyed and you can feel she’s in pain). It was Elmo Magalona who played the hero and rescued Julie Anne from that apparent accident.

It’s a live show! Anything can happen just like what happened to Julie Anne earlier. A scripted scene like this would be very risky, it is not wise to put one of their major performers in danger nor anyone else. I think, no staff of the show will think of a gimmick like this. The most important is still safety for everyone. Julie Anne must have hurt a lot. Seeing her crying on stage, I can feel her pain while trying to be okey.

For those who are still not convinced, you can view this rehearsal video.



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