Solenn Heussaff, comfortable doing the steamy scenes with Richard Gutierrez

Published on: January 27, 2013

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French-Filipina model and TV personality Solenn Heussaff is doing a movie again with Richard Gutierrez in the movie “Seduction” where Solenn gets to do some kissing as well as love scenes with Richard. They first worked together in feel good film “My Valentine Girls” last year.

“I just do what my director tells me to do. Besides, I like working with Richard since we’ve done a movie before. We are very good friends so there’s no awkward moment even if we are doing a love scene,” says Solenn.

In this movie, she will show a feisty, powerful and fierce Sophia. Her character gets what she wants, anytime, anywhere. She obsesses with Richard’s character after getting saved from a fire. Hero or not, she chooses to take economics on a play and hires him to do more than put out fire. She makes the longer nights burn and gets him an offer he can’t resist.

Solenn said she even got pointers from Sarah (Lahbati) because she already has done a couple of dramatic projects which she’s not quite used yet in the beginning. Solenn said good things about Sarah during the presscon.

“Seduction” also marks the return of noted filmmaker Peque Gallaga (who is behind the acclaimed films “Oro, Plata, Mata” (1982) and “Scorpio Nights” (1985)) to directing. He was inactive in the film scene for quite a while and there must be something in “Seduction” that made him come out of retirement and agreed to do it.

Regal Films’ “Seduction” opens in cinemas nationwide on January 30.



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