Ethel Booba’s last performance on “WowoWillie”

Published on: March 2, 2013

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It started with a joke. That’s for sure…

Honestly, I was one of the excited ones with Ethel Booba’s comeback on TV via TV5’s noontime show “WowoWillie” and I believe that Ethel will  be an asset to the show. The issue started when Willie lectured Ethel and Ate Gay and reprimanded both comedians after an alleged squabble backstage for a “joke” he made on air. What really pushed them to go out of the show for sure is when Willie lambasted Booba and Ate Gay in front of the seemingly shocked audience and even dared the two to resign.

Well, based from the tweets of Ethel Booba, she has been axed from the show “WowoWillie.” That’s sad… Sigh! She ended in the show this short then… with issues… bad issues. Sigh again!



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