Most Watched TV Pilot and Finale episodes of 2013

Published on: January 18, 2014

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A pilot episode has one immediate requirement: it should intrigue you enough to make you want to come back for the next installment.

An entertaining pilot doesn’t guarantee a great series, nor does a weak pilot mean the series won’t become a classic. Just like ABS-CBN’s “Juan dela Cruz” starring Coco Martin and Erich Gonzales, which managed to rule it’s timeslot until it’s finale. The series ran for over 8 months (February 4, 2013 – October 25, 2013) which is very rare now on Philippine TV. The usual run of TV series specially on primetime is about 3 months for one season.

The pilots we remember best drew us into their series, but they also stand on their own today as great singular TV events. Here are ten of the most watched TV pilots and finales in the year 2013.

Check out the list below:

Top 10 Pilot Episodes of 2013
Top 10 Finale Episodes of 2013

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