Louise delos Reyes Gave Hateful AlDub Fans a Dose Of Reality

Some “passionate” AlDub and Maine Mendoza fans took the spotlight once again after managing to get the attention of another celebrity who has been a target of their irrational hate, Louise delos Reyes.

This time, they are met head on with a statement from the GMA Artist Center Talent.


In the March 24th, 2016 Abante article, it was reported that Louise delos Reyes took some of the hateful Aldub fans head on. The article quoted Louise reacting to the bashers by saying…

You know I’ve had enough. Kung tingin n’yo pikon ako because of answering stupid questions well, I’m just being real.

You cannot always put words into my mouth. It is just a plain birthday party.

Alam niyo kaya kayo ganyan kasi pinapaniwala niyo ang sarili niyo sa fantasies niyong lahat.

Guys may salitang ‘REALIDAD’ baka gusto niyong i-check ano ibig sabihin nu’n.

This was in response to the bashing she received when she was seen together with Alden on a birthday party, which didn’t sit well with some “passionate” AlDub fans.

These fans took the social media and bash the celebrity who was once a known love team to the now popular Alden Richards.

This is not the first time that some fans went hostile towards a female Kapuso celebrity, Julie Anne San Jose and Ai-Ai delas Alas has also been a victim of cyber-bullying by some delusional AlDub fans and bashers.

For everyone’s information, before there was AlDub or MAiChard, there was once a “DenLou” (Alden Richards and Louise delos Reyes) love team which seemingly have great chemistry on film. The DenLou love team was seen on the 2013’s GMA Telebabad soap, “Mundo Mo’y Akin”.

These AlDub, MaiChard, or Maine Mendoza fans are giving their idols (Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards) and the whole community of fans a bad name – that instead of just simply doing what good fans do, they decide to take on a more distasteful approach.

Why should they assume that every female celebrity rumored or simply has a few interaction with Alden given their showbiz (professional) history of working together, should be met with hostility and be bashed for it? Why should these fans feel threaten that such interactions and rumors will have any impact on the careers of or how they view their beloved idols; the love team? Why ask for respect for their idols when they can’t even show the same towards others?

Why isn’t their beloved idols and the community of fans not stepping up to remind some “bad apples” to know their place and not give them a bad name?



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