Britney Spears Finally Gives Philippines A Concert Worthy of Election Cancellation!

The legend has finally come to the Pearl of the Orient Sea. Staging her first concert in the Philippines, the ethereal Pop superstar Britney Spears gave Filipinos one hell of a concert!

From her arrival to her actual performance! Many Britney fans are for sure in tears because of this momentous event.

Just take a look at that crowd. And yes, it’s not yet full. This is the scene hours before the concert proper. Imagine how was it when Britney’s performance has started.

Crazy, right?

Britney Spears First Philippine Concert
Photo credits: @DorothyHandy / Twitter

A treat

We know it, you want to see some snippets of the concert? Fret not, we got you covered. Captured by LionhearTV, here are some photos of the Queen of Pop during the concert.

Fans go crazy

Surely, netizens have a lot of things to say to this event. Let’s just say, we gathered some of the highlights just for you.

1. When fashion bloggers knew what their priorities were.
Britney Spears First Philippine Concert
2. And some are very detailed.
Britney Spears First Philippine Concert
3. Yup, way more detailed.
Britney Spears First Philippine Concert
4. Aren’t we all like this (especially if you are #TeamBahay)?

5. When netizens shed light on JaDine instead of the one performing.

Britney Spears First Philippine Concert

6. Hmm.. your Palmolive girls are also present here.

Britney Spears First Philippine Concert

Local celebrities are also there too as Britney fans

Successful partnership

It was indeed a successful event brought to us by none other than Wilbros Live and Smart Music Live. Two business giants collaborating for this one enormous concert!

Was it worth it? Hell yeah, worthy of an election cancellation! (Photos by Christian Luz)

TRIVIA: Earlier this year, one of Israel’s biggest political parties decided to move an election date just for Britney Spears. The date where a political party was slated to cast ballots is also the same day Britney is scheduled to perform at the city’s Hayarkon Park. For some reason, the Labor Party couldn’t compete with her popularity that day, so it decided to push the vote back a day.



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