Daniel Padilla admits that he wasn’t really good looking back then

  • He’s the other half of the country’s premiere love team to date. But Daniel Padilla admits he wasn’t really good looking back then when he was just a newbie in showbiz. He even said he looked like a ‘lizard’ before.

  • Daniel also admitted that he started to become vain only when he got recognized in showbiz. Through the years he has learned to accept his flaws and improve himself which in the process made him overcome his insecurities.

  • Daniel recently made it on the cover of Yes! 100 Most Beautiful Stars for 2017 along with his lady love and leading lady, Kathryn Bernardo. The KathNiel love team is part of the said list hailed as the most beautiful stars for this year.

Daniel Padilla, along with Kathryn Bernardo recently graced the cover of Yes! Magazine’s special issue where Yes! 100 Most Beautiful Stars 2017 are being featured.

It’s Daniel’s first time to be on the cover of the said magazine while it’s Kathryn’s second time to do so. The said love team are included in the said list of the most beautiful stars for 2017.

“King of Hearts” Daniel Padilla admitted that he wasn’t spared from typical insecurity problems. Growing up, he used to have a lot of insecurities just like everyone else. He was too lanky that people would often refer to him as “butiki” [lizard].

He needed to improve his body and build muscles on the right places. Add it to the fact that since he’s entered showbiz, he had to look good because as celebrities, their face and body are their investments.

Daniel also shared that being a celebrity isn’t all about glamour. They too experience having a bad hair day. They also experience looking haggard especially when they lack the number of sleep hours but they need to do something about it because they are in the limelight.

He admits that over the years, he’s learned to manage his insecurities. “You just had to learn how to accept your flaws,” he said. Since he became a celebrity he says he owes it to the public to look good almost all the time. “Kailangan ko rin sabayan si Kathyn. Hindi pwedeng maiwanan ako, baka bastedin ako niyan,” he laughs at his own analysis.

Since he has matured over the years, he knew that in order to look good, one has to feel good about himself as well. And more importantly, Daniel says that more than the physical looks,  at the end of the day.

What’s more important is having a good heart, someone with clean intentions and how one affects and influences the others.



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