“FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’s” secret weapon

Some would say that men aren’t really loyal. Well there are a lot of things they can be loyal with like online gaming, cars, and their sports. One thing that’s not usually discussed is their loyalty to TV shows.

In the history of Philippine TV, male viewers are considered “special.” They may not watch too much TV but when they want it, they will stick to it and will definitely add up substantial numbers to the ratings of the show. They will hold on to that remote until the show roll its credits.

That’s actually one of the reasons why FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano is still the number one show on TV. Top billed by the “King of Philippine TV,” Coco Martin, the show will be on its Second year this September. The show attracted a good number of male viewers.

Before FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (FPJAP), the first slot on primetime TV usually gets an average of 30-35% but FPJAP changed the game. During its first year it reached 38-45%. The male viewers, the BRUSKO, the CONSTRUCTION WORKER, the SECURITY GUARD, the KARGADOR, the OFFICE GUY, enjoy the action, the adventure the show provides. “According to ad-buying firm Starcom, men consume media for four reasons: to prepare themselves to battle; to feel rebellious; to connect to a passion (mostly sports, music or cars); and to be mentally challenged.” (hollywoodreporter.com)

But of course, the action sequences in the show aren’t enough to make the male viewers stay. You need a male lead. Someone they look up to but still can relate to, someone who is not a threat, someone they can call “IDOL” and in FPJAP that’s no less than the show’s creative consultant and lead actor, COCO MARTIN.

Coco’s physique—Pinoy look, very natural charm of a Moreno and his sincere portrayal of a “Maginoo” male, especially when he shows his respect to the elderly, made him an Idol of the male audience. The same traits perhaps what made the late Fernando Poe Jr., a Pinoy Icon. This December, Coco Martin reprises another FPJ role, Ang Panday. Will the very picky male audience spend their money for their Idol Coco like what they did for every FPJ movies before? I’ll bet on it.

In the 90’s, we have seen another “Idol” with a “different” appeal from that of FPJ or even Coco. Robin Padilla, the Bad Boy of Philippine Cinema.

His irreverent appeal, machismo and “swabe” moves when it comes to his partners on screen like Sharon Cuneta, Vina Morales, and Regine Velasquez was something the Pinoy male “imagined” who they were. The male viewers then thought of becoming a Robin Padilla because Robin did his own action stunts in his movies, he is also every girl’s dream. After conquering Philippine Cinema, Robin crossed over to TV. And one of his hit Teleseryes? Another action packed Teleserye called BASTA’T KASAMA KITA (ABS-CBN, 2003) which attracted the hard-to-please male viewers. The show’s finale registered 52% in AGB.

Today, Robin Padilla’s nephew–Daniel Padilla top bills the Teleserye, La Luna Sangre (ABS-CBN).

The third installation of the “Vampire versus Werewolves” Teleserye of ABS-CBN. Making very good numbers in the second slot, La Luna Sangre delivers the thrill, the intense fight scenes using believable effects and good camera works. I am guessing that the male viewers are already hooked to this show aside from FPJAP.

We are yet to see Daniel Padilla rising up as an “action star” like Robin as the show progresses though he already gave a sample in the first few episodes of what he can do.

Well aside from Teleseryes, there is no doubt your Dad, Uncle or Brother will control your TV when it is the NBA or PBA finals. Whenever there is a significant decline with the usual audience share of your favorite Teleserye, its usually caused by PBA Finals. Even UAAP Finals affects the usual ratings. That’s how powerful male viewers are. They can skip gym or even romantic dates for the shows or games of their idols. Heck, they can even skip dinner just to watch Cardo save the Philippines from the “terrorists”.



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