Kiray Celis gets back at her bashers at her beach photo

  • Kiray Celis has been subjected to a number of intrigues.
  • For someone who practically grew up in the industry, she knew how to defend herself from negative issues that was being thrown at her.
  • Kiray recently posted photos on her social media account showing her in a swimsuit where a portion of her butt was partly exposed.
  • This same photo became the reason why she had received comments from bashers.

Instead of getting angry at her bashers, the young comedienne chose to post more photos of herself with her boyfriend-model Kirst Viray enjoying their sweet time at the beach.

Former ‘Going Bulilit’ graduate, Kiray Celis is definitely someone with a lot of guts to begin with. She’s always been comfortable with her own skin. Despite the lack of height, she pretty much knows how to compensate the things that she lacks with her wit and confidence.

No wonder, Kiray has her own charm that makes her loveable.

Kiray was recently bashed for posting a photo on her Instagram account while wearing a bathing suit that seemed to have shown a portion of her butt which elicited negative reactions and comments from netizens.

There’s really nothing wrong with Kiray’s photo since she is enjoying her vacation with her beau in the beach.

Kiray wrote: “Nagpost ako na nasa beach. Tapos naka shorts ako pero kita kuyukot ko. Bakit daw ba kita pwet ko?”

Instead of stressing out from the negative comments that Kiray has received from netizens, the comedienne decided to get back at her bashers by posting more photos of herself wearing the same swimsuit, showing everyone that she’s having a grand time at the beach with her beloved guy.

She wrote as caption: “Oh, eto! More pwet pa para sa inyo!”

Indeed, Kiray has her own way at getting back to her bashers. Perhaps people try to nail her down because they see her as someone happy with her love life. She’s also got a good career and people might also be envious of her for being able to balance both.

Kiray doesn’t seem to take her bashers seriously. For her, as long as she’s happy, everything’s good.



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