Teacher Georcelle’s 5 Hottest Celebrity Dancers

  • Popular celebrity dance teacher Georcelle Dapat-Sy of G-Force shared who she thinks are the best and hottest dancers in her new book “Teacher Georcelle: The Force Within (Lessons in Life On and Off Stage)”
  • According to her, these artists have different moves on the dance floor but these ones totally stood out among the rest

With her name respected in the showbiz industry, Teacher Georcelle Dapat-Sy of G-Force can be considered as a dance authority and has the credibility to come up with a list of hottest Pinoy dance celebrities.

She recently launched her book entitled, “Teacher Georcelle: The Force Within (Lessons in Life On and Off Stage),” with forewords written by Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo, were she boldly list down her top picks.

The resident choreographer of ABS-CBN is known to handle almost all performers in the network. Included in her top five are:

Sarah Geronimo

Sarah has sensual eyes, according to Teacher Georcelle. This is her edge in performing.

Also, she doesn’t have a hard time training Sarah because of the singer’s natural knack in dancing.

Maja Salvador

Known as the ‘Dance Empress,’ Maja Salvador is also one of Teacher Georcelle’s personal favorites. Not only that Maja is a sexy and talented dancer, she has got a lot to offer too, said the choreographer.

Anne Curtis

Teacher Georcelle compares Anne to Kylie Mynogue when it comes to performing. She said that the actress can combine fashion and dance in one number.

KC Concepcion

“Equipped and flexible,” that’s how Teacher Georcelle finds KC Concepcion in the dance floor.

Nadine Lustre

Teacher Georcelle recently welcomed the reigning “FHM Sexiest Woman” Nadine Lustre in her “White Shirt Love” dancing workshop.

According to her, Nadine is a fast-learner and she easily can submit herself to dancing.

In the ‘Teacher’s Notes’ portion of the book, Teacher Georcelle wrote open letters to Sa­rah, KC, Maja, Anne, Enrique, James Reid, Gary V and Sharon Cuneta, celebrities who have close relationship with Teacher Georcelle.

She recalled that she was only 14-years-old when she joined “The Sharon Cuneta Show,” and from then on started her career as the dance guru extraordinaire.

Teacher Georcelle remains a Kapamilya and coaches the network’s performing artists.



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