Jed Madela to bashers, “Just you wait.”

  • Veteran singer Jed Madela still can’t believe how he continues to be bashed when he has done nothing to cause trouble
  • Jed posted an Instagram post a message for the people flooding him with hate

40-year-old Kapamilya singer Jed Madela was recently bashed for attending the moving-up ceremony of “The Voice Kids Philippines” season 1 contestant Darren Espanto. According to them, there’s malice in the friendship of the two performers.

Jed had already defended himself against these bashers by insisting that he treats the 16-year-old singer as his “little bro” and nothing else.

In a previous interview with ABS-CBN, Jed also mentioned that he is a witness of Darren’s talent and he admits that he’s a vocal fan.

“Kasi ako ever since, you know, I saw this kid perform on TV naging fan na talaga ako ni Darren and I was very vocal about it kahit minsan bina-bash na nga ako at inaaway ng mga tao, kung anu-ano na ang tsinitsimis sa akin.”

After the malicious comments, the veteran singer expressed his disappointment. Yesterday, he posted on Instagram a lengthy message addressed to his haters.

He wrote, “Still don’t get it. What’s with you bashers?!! Are you that miserable? Stop and think. After you bash me… or any person for that matter… what next?”

Jed added that these people should just wait for karma to get back at them. Once this happens, he said that he’d like them to remember the way they talked ill against him.

“Did you really think you’d get a plus point in the karma department? I think not. Just you wait. When something happens to you, remember that very day when you went out of your way to bash me. Peace out.”

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