BY THE NUMBERS: “Kambal Karibal” posing threat to “La Luna Sangre?”

ABS-CBN’s moonstone series “La Luna Sangre” has enjoyed timeslot supremacy over the past months. Its competitors were easily beaten by its mighty fangs giving them their last breath.

But it seemed that its latest rival is starting to give the KathNiel teleserye a worthy opponent; BiGuel’s “Kambal Karibal”.

The Kapuso teledrama is slowly climbing the ratings board. Based on the latest data from AGB Nielsen NUTAM, “Kambal Karibal” is winning over “La Luna Sangre”.

The winning week

For the week of January 22 – 26, Kambal Karibal swept the ratings board posing day over day win against the Kapamilya vampire series.

Based on AGB Nielsen NUTAM People ratings for the week of January 22 – 26, BiGuel’s Kapuso teleserye posted daily win over “La Luna Sangre”. On average, “Kambal Karibal” scored ratings of 10.2%, 0.6% higher than “La Luna Sangre’s” 9.6% average for the week.

“Kambal Karibal’s” week high was posted on Tuesday, January 23, 10.5% vs “La Luna Sangre’s” 9.8%.

Not so national

“Kambal Karibal” may rejoice win in NUTAM but Kantar’s National TV ratings tell a different story.

For the same week, Kantar reported a huge win for La Luna leaving “Kambal Karibal” bloodied.

For Kantar, “Kambal Karibal” averaged 18.0%, 12.2% lower than “La Luna Sangre’s” 30.2%. Kambal Karibal’s highest in Kantar was also recorded on Tuesday, January 23 where it scored 19%, 11.3% lower than “La Luna Sangre’s” 30.3%.

Can this Kapuso teledrama maintain its timeslot win against “La Luna Sangre”?

Can BiGuel rule over KathNiel and beat its timeslot supremacy? Let’s all wait and see.

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