The Pride

A pack of lions is a social group known as a pride. Lions are the only cat species that forms social groups. 

More than just an entertainment blog, LionhearTV is a family, a community of bloggers with one mission, “to vanguard of ensuring not just the entertainment value of each show, but must make sure that these shows won’t hamper any growth of its intended audience.”

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Flow Galindez
Assistant BIC

Ron Mia
Keneth Quinto
Mia Antonio
Mark Joshua Pineda
Racel John Besa

Jude Cartalaba
Ning Bobis
Mini Malabanan
Joy Adalla
Alvin Ferer

John Russelle Barrientos
Marlon Hermosura
Multimedia Editors

Razel Erma Cuerpo
Adrian Bigno
Social Media/Monitoring Team

Gabriel Diaz
Tech Support