12 Most Successful Star Magic Artists Through The Years

12 Most Successful Star Magic Artists Through The Years

For more than 25 years, Star Magic has been a potent source of award winning and most sought after artists in the country. Star Magic which started in April 1992 with a few up and coming teen stars, is now boasting of a constellation of stars that are making waves in different facet of the Philippine showbiz industry. From television to film to fashion and music, Star Magic artists proved why Star Magic is the talent management company in the country to beat. And as they celebrate …

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WALANG FOREVER: 14 Celebrity Couples Who Almost Had Their Happy Ending

It is a known fact that we as humans cannot predict what fate would bring to our lives. We found our loved ones and thought it was a happy ending for us. Then in just a snap, all the memories you both shared could be gone like a comet from dark sky. Our stories is no longer familiar to celebrities. Whether you are famous or not, you can be a victim of love. Because we can prove that there’s no such thing as forever, we list 14 of …

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The 12 Eligible Bachelors in Philippine Showbiz

We all know that there’s no such thing as forever. You can live a wonderful life all by yourself then go for a date later. Anything could happen in this tiny world. Who knows, maybe you might get a chance to date these famous bachelors on Valentine’s Day! Enrique Gil The 24-year-old actor is a dog lover. You might want to show off your dogs to him or confess that you’re also a certified dog lover. Who knows? Your dogs might be your way to …

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Check out the 12 Most Eligible Bachelorettes in PH Showbiz!

For guys, being alone or single on Valentine’s Day is not a big deal. Hello? Girls lang ang maarte. Guys can play DotA and watch fliptop videos all day long without caring about their Valentine date. But, if you’re one of the bachelors who’s looking for a date this season, this blog is perfect for you. Do you think your Valentine date last year was not enough? Maybe you should advance into the world of showbiz. Who knows, you might find your “forever” there. If …

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10 Unexpected Showbiz Pregnancies You Need To Know

Female celebrities always make headlines especially when they announce their pregnancies at the height of their career. Most recent of which is Kylie Padilla who shocked “Encantadia” fans. Nonetheless, a baby is always a blessing that each of us must cherish. LionhearTV lists down celebrities who shocked the public with their sudden pregnancies. 10. Katrina Halili “Starstruck” alumna Katrina Halili surprised the nation when she confirmed her rumored pregnancy via taped interview with entertainment editor Ricky Lo on 23 March 2012. According to Lo, the news came …

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Couple Goals? Dennis Trillo, Jennylyn Mercado prove that love is much sweeter the second time around

Is love sweeter the second time around for Dennis Trillo and Jennylyn Mercado? Dennis Trillo is probably one of top actors that gays and gals fantasize. From his super handsome face down to his super yummylicious (super yummy na, super delicious pa) and well-chiseled abs, we could say that Jennylyn Mercado is a very lucky lady! And oh! Before we forgot, in terms of PDA (public display of affection, duh!), Dennis Trillo tops the spot! Making us more envious of Jennylyn! Ang haba ng buhok ng …

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The 3 “Kadyosahan tips” from Liza Soberano

You might ask this question to yourself: “How to be Liza Soberano?” Well, we’ve got a chance to interview Kapamilya star Liza Soberano and asked her some tips on how you could reach her level in terms of beauty. Soberano is arguably the most beautiful Filipina celebrity today. She placed 6th in the 26th annual Independent List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2015. Soberano’s tips are very basic, yet few of us are doing it consistently. Here are the 3 “Kadyosahan tips” from Liza Soberano: …

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Angel Locsin Moments

10 Reasons Angel Locsin is Better than your Faves

Ever wonder why this lady conquers the Philippine showbiz even though she doesn’t appear regularly on our televisions? What makes Angel Locsin THE Angel Locsin? Please bear with us as we explore the 10 qualities of Angel Locsin that made her the Angel Locsin we know today. 1. She is not afraid to show her bare face. No make-up? No problem! Angel doesn’t need cosmetics to be beautiful. She’s naturally pretty; not even afraid to dive under water. Who cares if she doesn’t wear make-up? She’s …

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Angel Locsin Hair Styles

10 Angel Locsin hairstyles that will leave you in awe!

Angel Locsin’s hair is the talk-of-town… again! So, we at LionhearTV compiled the iconic hairstyles that make Angel Locsin the Angel Locsin. Please bear with us or you will not see how beautiful she is. The “Elementary Girl” hairstyle Remember your elementary classmate who used to make different braided styles on her hair? That’s cool, right? As old-style as it is, Angel has never bothered to show her innocent look with her braided hair. She looks like an elementary student who loves braiding sessions with her“kumares” …

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Michael Christian Martinez

Michael Martinez: When puberty hits you hard!

Pinoy Olympic ice skater Michael Christian Martinez surprised netizens by showing off his well-toned abs. Netizens couldn’t help but to fantasize the 20-year-old the ice skater. The oh-so hot photo of Martinez was adored by many netizens, and has been circulating the social media since last week. Based on his interview in 24 Oras, the photo was taken in Southern California when he and his friends went hiking. According to Martinez, he has gained abs because he competes in figure skating competition. “I realized… and I watch couple of the documentaries of all the …

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