AlDub outnumbers KathNiel on Twitter-Universe

With the traditional rivalry of TV shows colliding between two similar shows like between two teleseryes on the primetime or between two variety shows on the noontime. It was a surprise to see uprising experimental love team became a phenomenal trend placed on an airtime of a noontime show. As a comparison, the young love team Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo’s debut on the hit series “Pangako Sa ’Yo” remake set a record-breaking number of tweets on Twitter. Thousands of fans all over the country …

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Promising Loveteams That Didn’t Last

In the history of local showbiz, building a loveteam has always been a hit or a miss but for some cases like the recent success of ALDUB and in the tradition of DONGYAN, MELASON, KATHNIEL, some can’t help but think. If others made it, who didn’t? These are some of the loveteams who, we think could have made it a little but farther but got separated prematurely. KIMERALD Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson – They were the first loveteam and probably the most popular teens …

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25 Times Aljur Abrenica Made You Pregnant Without Even Touching You

The other side of our favorite hunk has been discovered when he started serenading local radio stations with his recently released album entitled “Mahal Pa Rin Kita”. With his good looks, godly physique and proven acting skills, who knew he has a soft side for music? But what makes Aljur irresistible? Here are 25 things you will never regret to see: 1. That morning when you didn’t have a good day but he just wants you to be happy. 2. Or when he smiled like this and …

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Pinoy Celebrity Crazy Dog Ladies You Should Know

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”- Josh Billings/ Humorist: 1885. Busy lifestyles, hectic schedules and sleepless nights are among the parts of celebrities’ life. What makes their life more interesting? They have their own best friend every time  they got home, they even bring their best friend at work sometimes, let us find out who are the celebrities who cannot leave a day without their dogs! Kathryn Bernardo The Teen Queen currently has 2 dogs …

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