Internet dancing sensation ‘Balang’ is now officially a ‘Kapuso’

The 2015 internet dancing sensation John Philip “Balang” Bughaw who got even more popular with his series of guesting-performance in The Ellen DeGeneres Show is now officially part of the GMA Network’s Artist Center. In February 26, 2016 GMA News Online article and 24 Oras Chikka Minute feature, Entertainment correspondent Lhar Santiago interview ‘Balang’ who arrive last Monday after his third guesting on the popular US talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The Ellen DeGeneres Show uploaded most of their segments on their official Youtube …

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Aiza Seguerra reacts against Manny Pacquiao ‘Same Sex Marriage’ statement

Former Sarangani District Representative, boxing extraordinaire , and 2016 Senatorial candidate Manny Pacquaio made some particularly risky and ‘demeaning’ statement in a recent interview about his stance on ‘same sex marriage’. Pacquaio’s remark against the LGBT did not go unnoticed as it received mixed (mainly negative) reactions from Filipino netizens and most especially for people who identify themselves as part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community. Aiza Seguerra is one of the most notable local celebrities who has seemingly became the face of the LGBT community in his recent …

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Angel Locsin Confirms Split Up with Luis Manzano; Calls Herself A “Fool for Love”

Angel Locsin is in Singapore right now for another neurospine surgery on her disc bulge, but before going under the knife, Angel throw a bomb in her Instagram post confirming that she and Luis Manzano has already broken up. In her latest Instagram post showing a video of Luis Manzano singing justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” which she reposted from MYXPH IG, she said, “on the eve of my neck procedure, I saw my ex singing “love yourself” sa myx ig. Kung nagmahal na kayo ng …

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Balang Justin Bieber

Balang’s ‘Sorry’ dance cover captures Justin Bieber’s heart

A seven-year-old boy from the Philippines has again the internet going crazy over his dance moves. This time with Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry.’ Canadian singer Justin Bieber himself was captivated by John Phillip Bughaw aka Balang’s dance cover of Bieber’s newest hit song ‘Sorry’ with an ease and confidence. Balang’s newest dance cover ‘Sorry’ has smashed his previous viewing records with more than 2.5 million times in less than 16 hours, and has attracted more than 41,800 shares. Watch the full performance below. https://www.facebook.com/JPLBalang/videos/1012440148799474/ Balang also appeared …

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hasht5 1

Marlou leaves Hasht 5; the group needs new member

A tragic news broke the internet today! It even reached the national news. Marlou Arizala has quit Hasht 5 (Have a Successful Honor and Talent 5), he confirmed it on Twitter. There has been endless speculations about why he quit the group. READ: Who are the Hasht5? Hindi na ako Hasht5! ok 🙂 #MarlouNatics — Marlou Arizala (@MarlouYanz) January 27, 2016 Marlou, the famous member of Hasht 5, was compared as the Zayn Malik of the Philippines, who earlier decided to quit their boyband One Direction. He left four other members CJ, …

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“The Corpse of Anna Fritz” trends on Twitter; Cast thanks Filipinos

Filipinos can be very good organic viral marketers, especially for things that they are curious of and fond of.  AlDub setting a new Twitter World Record easily comes to mind. This time. Pinoy netizens focused their attention on a controversial foreign film. They are talking or tweeting about the Spanish film “The Corpse of Anna Fritz.” “The Corpse of Anna Fritz” is a Spanish thriller film directed by Hèctor Hernández Vicens and written by Hèctor Hernández Vicens and Isaac P. Creus. It stars Alba Ribas as …

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Comedy at the expense of others, ‘bullying’, and Vice Ganda

Filipinos are known to be one of the happiest people (nation) in the world. Most Filipinos tend to laugh their woes away and that is easily done all thanks to mass media via television and film. Who does not want to laugh and be happy; to forget one’s sorrow even for a minute or two? The question now is what type of humor are Filipinos in to? Humor is very subjective. One person may find a joke hilarious; other may find it lukewarm to corny, while …

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Liza Soberano defends mom from bashers who accuse her of being an addict

The Filipino-American actress & model Liza Soberano  tasted a basher’s declaration of false information through Twitter account. Liza’s poser named “Ann or @annemainei”, without any evidences, posted that the actress’s mother is an addict. She commented with exasperation to the intensifying rumor. According to Cambridge Dictionary, “Bash” means someone who strongly criticizes a particular type of person or thing. Ms. Ann did this discreditable act. From the Tweet Scoop of Fashion PULIS yesterday, the poser had a different display picture when this statement was made.What’s in her mind putting this without a proof? …

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Maine Mendoza Look Alike

Get to know Marie Kissiel Solis, the Maine Mendoza look-alike

Maine Mendoza recently posted a tweet that pertains to a person who looks exactly like her and upon further investigation from the thread itself, the followers seemingly points out to one specific person, Kissiel Solis. Fate can sometimes be very playful. One time you are just doing the things that you love, and the next thing you are someone who have broken internet world records and a popular celebrity. The biggest oddity is this is where you start meeting all kinds of people, and sometimes …

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Maine Mendoza shares her delight at seeing her look-alike

They say that in this world, each of us has up to six look-alikes. Imagine another six that looks like you running around in this world? And what if you meet one of them, will you be amused or will you be creeped out like Maine Mendoza? Yes, Maine Mendoza just saw one of hers. In her Twitter, Maine Mendoza posted what she feels when she saw someone who looks EXACTLY like her. “I am creeped out, this is the first time that I’ve seen …

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