Top 10 excuses of Ninong and Ninang to their inaanak this Christmas

The quest of finding ninong and ninang this Christmas continues as their inaanak are now on their way to get their aguinaldo or gifts. But not all the time ninongs and ninangs have enough budget for gifts despite of the Christmas bonuses and 13th month pays. Always consider the bills, debts and other things. Here are the top 10 excuses that you will surely use as your inaanak stars knocking at your door. Or for godchildren the excuses they will surely hear from their godparents. …

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Binay Trolls bashes Kyla on Twitter, her response will leave you speechless

For every positive thing that lifts the spirit, inspire or motivates people that we see people do both online and off, there is always an opposite side to it. In today’s case, it is trolling and bashing. Kyla, another Filipino celebrity has been a victim of bashing and trolling by who appears to be staunch supporters of certain politicians for merely performing a number in a political rally of its rival. In a recent post in her Twitter account, Some supporters of the Binay(s) have been …

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Luis Manzano answers bashers: “I’m sure inggit ka na yung aso niyo kumpleto sa bakuna, ikaw wala…”

Luis Manzano is famous for his sense of humor. Even on social media, Luis shows his funny side, something which majority of his fans appreciate. But like most celebrities who are active on social media, Luis gets his share of bashing every now and then. Most of the time, he ignores the negative comments, but some are just too much for him to disregard. On March 23, Luis was in full battle gear, answering his bashers to the point of capitulation. Luis hit his bashers …

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Louise delos Reyes Gave Hateful AlDub Fans a Dose Of Reality

Some “passionate” AlDub and Maine Mendoza fans took the spotlight once again after managing to get the attention of another celebrity who has been a target of their irrational hate, Louise delos Reyes. This time, they are met head on with a statement from the GMA Artist Center Talent. In the March 24th, 2016 Abante article, it was reported that Louise delos Reyes took some of the hateful Aldub fans head on. The article quoted Louise reacting to the bashers by saying… “You know I’ve …

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AlDub Fans bashes Ai-Ai delas Alas for teasing Alden Richards and Julie Anne San Jose

There is without a shadow of a doubt that fans of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are one of the most passionate community of supporters that any showbiz pairing or celebrity has ever had. These hardcore fans have made the entertainment’s industry breakthrough showbiz love team of 2015 trend globally and made them win awards. For a large fanbase, it can be pretty  chaotic most of the time, especially when some members resorts to bashing and cyberbullying which may give the whole community of celebrity …

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TV5 steps up with 2nd PiliPinas Debates 2016; an improvement over GMA News’s version

The politically aware and concerned voting Filipino public have set their gaze on Philippine television in TV5’s second leg of PiliPinas Debates 2016, a presidential debate administered by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) in partnership with major Philippine news organization in preparation and help with voter’s education for the upcoming May 9, 2016 general elections. Back in February 21, 2016, GMA Network in partnership with the Philippine Daily Inquirer has brought us the first PiliPinas Debates 2016 – Mindanao Leg, which was held at the Performing Arts …

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Robert Arevalo’s Daughter Expresses Concern Over Seemingly Unfair Working Hours for Her Father

“The Millionaire’s Wife” is GMA Network’s latest Afternoon Prime block Filipino drama series that will replace the intriguing “Destiny Rose”. Set to air on this March 14th, “The Millionaire’s Wife” features Andrea Torres, Mike Tan, and veteran actor Robert Arevalo as the millionaire Alfredo “Fred” Vergara. Robert Arevalo, known in real life as Robert Ylagan is currently 77-years old and is still active practicing his craft. One could say all this passion for the acting craft runs in the family as Robert Arevalo is the …

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Fans Clash and Petition to Disqualify Maine Mendoza from Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2016

Dedicated and passionate fans are at each other’s throat once again and this time it is all about the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2016. A Change petition was posted asking Kids Choice Awards 2016 to disqualify Maine Mendoza because of an alleged cheating done by the network, management, and fans. Started by the JaDines x KathNiels x LizQuens on, the petition asks people (mostly fans) to sign up to ask the Kids Choice Awards 2016 to disqualify Maine Mendoza as a nominee under the …

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Quark Henares thinks Industry’s Working Schedule and Conditions are Killing Directors

How can one perform his duties when working conditions is going against him? This is what one Filipino film director think is endangering the lives of his colleagues who are dedicated to their craft – the art of film making. In a recent social media post, Director Quark Henares remembers a fellow colleague, professor, and friend who also passed away due to cardiac arrest. The post read as follows… The first two part of his statement celebrates the life of a colleague, the late-Francis Xavier …

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Vice Ganda in tears and emotional while giving a eulogy for Wenn Deramas

Wenn Deramas passing last February 29, 2016 was very untimely and has left family and friends in mourning. Vice Ganda who is known to be one of the closest friend of the late-Edwin “Wenn” Villanes Deramas has been all emotional during this whole ordeal. In a recent interview, Vice Ganda shared that he has lost confidence and feels uncertain on the direction of his film career after the passing of the director-friend who has truly trusted him.   A small program was held by friends …

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