Is he courting her? Maine Mendoza, Vico Sotto post cryptic tweets

The son of Vic Sotto and Coney Reyes, Vico Sotto is allegedly courting Maine Mendoza, the loveteam of Alden Richards since AlDub, according to some tabloids we have read this week. Vico and Maine first met when Vico visited “Juan For All, All For Juan” on October 26, 2015 where Maine is a mainstay host. From then on, numerous reports circulated about their ongoing courtship and the two remain Maine wrote, “get your facts straight, always” Meanwhile, Vico, also posted a tweet, “”Always remember: rumors are carried by haters, …

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WATCH: ‘Kalyeserye’ bids goodbye again on “Eat Bulaga”

“Eat Bulaga’s” hit segment ‘Kalyeserye’ last year said goodbye again on air after its main characters Alden and Maine decided to go to Russia while the Explorer sisters Tinidora, Tidora and Nidora chose to go to Amerika. “Sandali kaming magpapaalam, pero alam ko, hindi magtatagal ay magkakasama-sama pa rin kaming muli,” that’s how Lola Nidora ended her spiel on the ‘Kalyeserye’ segment of “Eat Bulaga.&#8221…

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WATCH: Sugod Bahay winner’s false teeth almost fall off while speaking

Hilarious! Hosts of the segment ‘Juan 4 All: All 4 Juan’ together with the hosts inside the studio of “Eat Bulaga” tried to stifle but they burst a laughter as the TV cameras panned to them when their chosen daily winner’s alse teeth almost fall off while being interviewed by Bossing Vic Sotto. Catch this hilarious video of an ‘Sugod Bahay’ winner almost losing her dentures in the middle of a live TV interview:…

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Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza exchange wedding vows in ‘Kalyeserye’

After a year of being together, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza finally tied the knot on October 22 at the Christ the King Church in Quezon City. The two were married in front of their friends and family with a live coverage on the noontime show “Eat Bulaga.” Here are Alden and Maine’s wedding vows: Alden: “Maine, nung una kitang nakita sa TV, kasama mo si Lola Nidora. Nu’n agad nakita ko kung gaano ka kasungit, lagi kang nakasimangot; tapos hindi mapinta ang mukha mo. …

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AlDub Prenup

LOOK: “Eat Bulaga” releases Alden + Maine pre-nup photos

We’re counting the days until we get to see Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza say their “I do’s.” The AlDub Nation is eagerly waiting for the biggest moment of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza’s characters in the ‘Kalyeserye’ segment of “Eat Bulaga.” And as part of the wedding preparations, Alden and Maine underwent pre-nuptial photoshoot. And “Eat Bulaga” on its official Facebook Page shared sneak peeks at the pre-nuptial photos of the two. Alden and Maine confirmed their engagement on October 15 when the ‘Kalyeserye’ opened its new story for …

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3 Lolas Eat Bulaga Kalyeserye

“Eat Bulaga” brings back hit segment ‘Kalyeserye’

“Eat Bulaga” will be bringing back their hit segment ‘Kalyeserye’ starting today (October 15) based on the teasers they’re showing for the past days. It looks like the three Lolas aka Kalye’s Angels (Tinidora, Nidora, Tidora) already miss the fun with the AlDub tandem after the segment bid goodbye last month. The “Eat Bulaga” teaser says, “A good LOVE STORY knows NO END… It lingers… and continues to beat.. to the rhythm of FOREVER continues…” A good LOVE STORY knows NO END…It lingers… and continues to the …

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Why “Eat Bulaga” social media accounts are blocking the AlDub fans?

AlDub fans are complaining about the recent moves of the admins of “Eat Bulaga’s” official accounts particularly on Twitter. Of course, they’re asking for explanations. They’re maybe irritating to the admins but they are fans, most of them just want extra exposure for their idols. Though they’re disappointed, despite the block, this won’t stop them to tweet for their idols and help fellow AlDub fans for their daily hashtags to trend. Even the known AlDub supporter Noi Calderon aired her sentiments on her Twitter account. In a tweet …

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LOOK: Alden Richards unfollows GMA Artist Center PR Manager

It looks like Mark Sablan’s reactions posted on Twitter has already reached Alden Richards prompting the actor to unfollow the GMA Artist Center PR Manager on Twitter. Sablan’s two tweet comments regarding Maine Mendoza’s ‘taong grasa’ in disguise made AlDub fans disappointed and felt irritated. According to Alden’s fans, he already unfollowed Sablan on Twitter. We also checked Alden’s Instagram account and he’s also not following Sablan. Yesterday (September 19), Maine Mendoza roam around Manila to disguise as a beggar as part of “Eat Bulaga’s” social experiment.…

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AlDub fans hit GMA’s PR head over insensitive remark on Maine Mendoza

GMA Network’s head of Public Relation was slammed by AlDub fans after tweeting what according to them was an irresponsible tweet towards Maine Mendoza. On his tweet, Sablan chided Mendoza for being recognized by a man despite her taong grasa disguise. “Aminin mo kuya, na recognize mo si @mainemendoza noh? Alam mong may camera noh? 😉 #ALDUBKeepUsAlive,” he tweeted. He also added, “Kelangan mag Downy ni Alden after this!! #ALDUBKeepUsAlive” Apparently, the tweet didn’t sit well with die-hard Mendoza supporters. They are quick to defend her on social …

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Kris Aquino joins producer of “Eat Bulaga”

After announcing that she’s leaving ABS-CBN, Kris Aquino revealed that she is now working with Tony Tuviera of TAPE and APT entertainment, producer of the TV show “Eat Bulaga,” which airs on ABS-CBN’s rival network. The television host said it was her friend and manager Boy Abunda who reached out to APT’s Antonio Tuviera. She said, “Where am I now? Boy Abunda reached out to Mr. T- Tony Tuviera on my behalf. I had an excellent experience coproducing My Little Bossings w/ MZET, OctoArts, & APT.” Kris also …

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