GOOD NEWS! GMA Network extends “Encantadia”

Good news, Encantadiks! GMA Network has just announced the extension of Encantadia on prime time! According to the report of Unang Balita, it was confirmed the hit telefantasya is indefinitely extended. Because of the said extension, viewers should expect the introduction of  new characters; one of them is the entity named Helgad, played by the Kapuso actress Wyn Marquez. Furthermore, Encantadia continues to dominate the prime time based on AGB Nielsen ratings. Meanwhile, the team is set to release its official merchandise this January.…

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AGB Nielsen (Mega Manila) | Top 10 Most Watched Finale Episodes of 2016

While pilot episodes are important as it sets the tempo of the show, finales are the culmination and affirmation of the show’s whole run. It is the feather on their cap as it indicates whether a certain program hits the heart of the televiewers until the end. Finale episodes signal the shows successful run because a program with high finale ratings would only mean one thing, viewers got hooked and didn’t let go of the show from start to finish. And as we end this …

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AGB Nielsen (Mega Manila) | Top 10 Most Watched Pilot Episodes of 2016

Pilot episodes of any TV show is very important as it sets the tempo of the program for its whole duration. It can also be use to determine whether a show will have a great run or not. But first episodes are just one factor. There are shows who may not necessarily have good debuts but eventually taken the audience for a good ride and made a blast from the middle towards its finale. For 2016, Philippine Television has showcased birth and re-birth of programs that …

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“Encantadia” cast takes the ‘Mannequin Challenge’

It’s called the #MannequinChallenge, started by teens. Groups of people gather and freeze in place, usually in crazy poses and scenarios. With the internet, there’s always something new to look forward to, and now a new trend has emerged and is popping up on your social media feeds. On Philippine television, “It’s Showtime” started its who on Wednesday (November 9) afternoon and now, it’s the “Encantadia” family doing their own version of now hit Social Media craze. On Thursday (October 10) morning, the “Encantadia” team gave …

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WATCH: Janine Gutierrez joins “Encantadia”

“Sa pagdating ng bagong nilalang, dala ba niya’y bagong pag-asa?,” that’s how the teaser introduced the new character named Agua, which will be portrayed by Janine Gutierrez. Janine was really our bet to be one of the Sang’gres of the new retelling of “Encantadia.” Unfortunately, she was given another soap “Once Again” about reincarnation and paired with Kapuso actor Aljur Abrenica. It’s nice to see her again on primetime and hopefully, her character will last in the series. Goodluck Janine!…

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LOOK: ‘Heneral Luna,’ to enter “Encantadia?”

John Arcilla was spotted donning the costume of ‘Heneral Luna’ on the set of “Encantadia” where he also plays the role of ‘Hagorn,’ the last king of Hathoria before it came to destruction during the last Great War. We can still remember John playing the role of ‘Heneral Luna’ in the historical biopic film of the same title in 2015 which he won numerous awards. On the photo uploaded by Rochelle Pangilinan on Instagram yesterday (October 24), Rochelle as Agane was looking at John as Heneral Luna …

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LOOK: Original Sang’gres meet the new Amihan, Danaya, Pirena

This is a very rare opportunity… In a photo uploaded by “Encantadia” director Mark Reyes, the 2005 Sang’gres Iza Calzado, Diana Zubiri and Karylle met the 2016 cast Kylie Padilla, Sanya Lopez and Glaiza de Castro. Sunshine and Diana who were both from the original telefantasya made a comeback with different characters, and what about the other two – Iza and Karylle? Will there be a reunion for the original Encantadia Sang’gres we loved before? We’ll see&#8230…

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Diana Zubiri returns to “Encantadia”

Former keeper of the earth gem Danaya, Diana Zubiri returns to “Encantadia” this time as a new character named Lilasari. During a scene in Tuesday’s (October 19) episode, the face behind the enigmatic character of Lilasari was unveiled, played by Diana. Diana will now be joining her fellow Sang’gre from the original series,  Sunshine Dizon, who is now playing Adhara in the remake. In the storyline, Lireo-born Lilasari has the magical powers to turn people who look at her face into stone. To prevent the spread …

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“Encantadia” introduces a new Sang’gre

GMA Network gets the Downy Boom Boom Pow commercial mode named Yuan Francisco to play a very important role in their big-budgetted series “Encantadia.” If Pirena is the keeper of gem fire, Amihan – keeper of wind gem, Alena – keeper of water gem and Danaya – the keeper of earth gem, what do you think will this new Sang’gre named Pao will hold? Is it the soul? We’ll see… Check out the teaser here:…

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Alden Richards enters the magical world of “Encantadia”

After Miguel Tanfelix and Conan Stevens, Alden Richards will be the newest guest star in “Encantadia.” Alden, who admits being a fan of the series more than a decade ago, is set to play a Mulawin, a half human, half bird creature named Lakan. Lakan has sworn his loyalty to the fairies and has promised to fight for them. This guesting will serve as a challenge to Alden and his fans in this bug-budgetted “Encantadia,” which nationwide ratings have shown to being constantly beaten by …

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