WATCH: ‘Kalyeserye’ bids goodbye again on “Eat Bulaga”

“Eat Bulaga’s” hit segment ‘Kalyeserye’ last year said goodbye again on air after its main characters Alden and Maine decided to go to Russia while the Explorer sisters Tinidora, Tidora and Nidora chose to go to Amerika. “Sandali kaming magpapaalam, pero alam ko, hindi magtatagal ay magkakasama-sama pa rin kaming muli,” that’s how Lola Nidora ended her spiel on the ‘Kalyeserye’ segment of “Eat Bulaga.&#8221…

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Eat Bulaga versus It's Showtime

How did ‘Kalyeserye’ finale fare in AGB Nielsen and Kantar Media TV ratings?

The start of AlDub “Eat Bulaga’s” hit segment ‘Kalyeserye’ just happened on July 16 last year with “Eat Bulaga” on top of the noontime ratings game on AGB Nielsen for Mega Manila with 21.1%, more than double the ratings registered by its competitor, ABS-CBN’s “It’s Showtime” which only got 10.8%. Same goes to Kantar Media data for nationwide with just 0.2% difference as “Eat… Bulaga!” leads with 13.6% versus “It’s Showtime” with 13.4%. AlDub’s peak The AlDUb’s ‘Kalyeserye’ segment has reached its highest peak during the ‘Tamang Panahon’ concert …

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Maine Mendoza confirms nearing ending of “Eat Bulaga’s” hit segment ‘Kalyeserye’

It looks like some of the fans of “Eat Bulaga’s” hit segment ‘Kalyeserye” have already reached their ‘umay’ level because of their unlimited kidnapping plots and familiar story angles as many of the AlDub fans are asking it to stop for the lead stars, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, can move on with their characters as Alden and Yaya Dub so they can now do a teleserye finally on GMA Network. Their fans think that their noontime drama segment is hindering their possible teleserye. When asked by …

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Yaya Dub tells Alden Richards she doesn’t love him anymore

“Eat Bulaga’s Kalye Serye” scenes are getting intense as Alden Richard’s and Cindy’s wedding day is getting closer. This is definitely the saddest week for AlDub and they made everyone cry! The Alden-Cindy wedding will happen tomorrow, Saturday November 28, 2015. On  the recent episode of “Kalye Serye” last Thursday during AlDub’s 19th Weeksary, Yaya Dub tries to make Alden believe that she dont love him anymore. She later on explained to Lola Nidora that she acted like she dont care so it will be easier …

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