GMA Network airs “Kakambal ni Eliana” beginning April 15

What will become of Eliana’s fate?

Afternoon Prime will now be more exciting with GMA’s latest offering, Kakambal ni Eliana, beginning April 15.

This fresh, new series features rising stars Enzo Pineda, Kristoffer Martin, Lexi Fernandez and PMPC Star Awards “New Movie Actress of the Year”, Kim Rodriguez as Eliana. 

Eliana was born with a snake attached to her spinal cord. She spends her life hidden away in a basement, until she manages to get away. In the process, she strives to find the truth about herself and her family.

In the outside world, she meets new friends. Both Gabo (Kristoffer Martin) and Julian (Enzo Pineda) will fall in love with her. Gabo is a street smart lad who accepts Eliana for who she is. Julian, on the other hand, is a photographer who will be bewildered by Eliana’s beauty, not knowing that she has a snake twin. Margarita (played by Lexi Fernandez) is Julian’s model girlfriend, who will be Eliana’s rival.


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