Colin Firth and Emily Blunt star together in the romantic comedy, “Arthur Newman”

Oscar award-winning actor Colin Firth and Golden Globe winner Emily Blunt star together in the romantic comedy, Arthur Newman.

In the film Colin Firthplays Wallace Avery is tired of being a loser. His ex-wife and son hate him and he’s blown his one shot at living his dream. After once being a hot shot in competitive amateur golf, Wallace is dubbed “The Choker” in the pro circle.

After being unable to shake his nerve, he does something radical. Wallace stages his own death, buys a new identity as Arthur Newman and decides to move away. On the road trip to his new life, he meets Mike (Emily Blunt), who is also trying to forget her past. Connected by a common goal, Arthur and Mike break into empty homes and take on the identities of the absent owners. In the process, they begin to own up to the identities they’ve left behind and help each other to rediscover themselves.

“Arthur Newman” is released and distributed by Solar Entertainment Corporation. Showing on Octoberber 11. Nationwide.


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