Will JC de Vera finally discover Meg Imperial’s true identity in “Moon of Desire”?

Fate brings Jeff (JC De Vera) and Ayla (Meg Imperial) closer together as afternoon television’s most desirable series “Moon of Desire” heats up this week with the return of Ayla’s grandmother, Soledad (Carmi Martin).

Jeff will be working with Soledad in the hospital’s newest venture. He instantly recognizes Soledad during their meeting but will conceal his identity as the poor little boy Epoy.

This unexpected reunion will ignite a spark of hope in Jeff’s heart to finally see his childhood friend Ayla, whom he abandoned in the past for the sake of his sick grandfather.

Will he finally have the chance to explain everything to Ayla? Even before their paths cross again, Jeff seems to have competition for Ayla’s attention in the person of Vince, a handsome photographer who will be smitten with Ayla despite  her real, hairy self.

Don’t miss “Moon of Desire,” weekday afternoons after “It’s Showtime” on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold. For updates, like the show’s official Facebook page on, follow @moonofdesire on Twitter and follow @moonofdesireofficial on Instagram.

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