Claudine Barretto and Kris Aquino in “Etiquette for Mistresses”

Since her movie with Derek Ramsay is still unsure, the Queen of all Media Kris Aquino accepted a movie project based on the 1992 controversial best-selling book written by lifestyle journalist Julie Yap-Daza titled “Etiquette For Mistresses And What Wives Can Learn From Them.” Kris will be joined by the controversial Claudine Barretto in this movie to be directed by Chito Roño.

This movie will serve as the reunion project of Kris and Claudine from 2006 hit horror film “Sukob,” also under the helm of Roño.

kris claudine

First published in 1992, “Etiquette for Mistresses and What Wives Can Learn From Them” became a runaway bestseller, going into several editions and now – a decade later – spawning a sequel. Titled “Mistresses Play…Men Stray…The Wives Stay”, the new book tells even more tales of philandering husbands and the women who suffer them. But with several years having passed since the last installment, do Jullie Yap Daza’s tales of the unfaithful city still hold as much sway as they used to?



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