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Tangram Philippines introduces Silent Party at the 5th Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival

“Silent is the new loud!” – That is how Tangram Philippines introduced their Silent Disco at the recently concluded Malasimbo Festival held on March 13-15 at the top of Mount Malasimbo with the view of the world famous Puerto Galera Bay.

Malasimbo Festival, which is now celebrating its fifth year (the first Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival started in 2011), blends traditional & contemporary arts & culture together with music performances while working towards the protection & sustainability of the environment.


What is Silent Disco?

Sounds and looks weird but the silent disco phenomenon

It was not surprising that the Silent Disco was warmly welcomed at the Malasimbo: Lights and Dance Festival 2015. The Mangyan Village floor transformed into an open club and this Tangram’s Silent Disco became one of the highlights and an instant hit among the ravers attended the last two days of the festival.


In this Silent Disco, ravers don headphones and dance noiselessly to the live music they are listening to. They could also choose their soundtrack from two different channels played by two different DJs onstage. Their headphones lit up blue or green to show others which one they were listening to.

This is really a very unique that everyone must experience! Silent Disco is a party where nobody talks, but connected by the same rhythm and lyrics and enjoy the music using their own headsets.

How it actually started?

Quiet Parties arrived as one of the first of a new wave of unorthodox social activities of the early 2000s that merged elements of traditional party promotion with aspects of performance art.

The concept is believed to have been created in 2002 by artist Paul Rebhan and musician Tony Noe, two friends who visited several bars in New York City in an attempt to have a conversation, only to find they could not hear each other speak at any bar because of loud music and loud talking. This experience prompted them to invent the concept of ‘silent nightclubbing’.

Can’t imagine what I am talking about? Check out the video below!

Music all around the world!

The Malasimbo Lights & Dance Festival 2015 gave the millenials a different kind of night out and featured some bestest local and international DJs – DJ Kentaro, DJ Mitsu the Beats, To-Ru, HiFaNa, and Tetsuji Tanaka & MC Cardz are flying in straight from Japan, accompanied by many great acts: Swindle (UK), Manolet Dario, Mikail, Br3aking Silence, Emel Rowe, and Lyrically Deranged Poets to bring Philippines’ finest in hip hop today; and many more notable acts.


The festival also gave prime spot for the Philippine All Stars, Planet Zips Luminaries, Daloy Dance Company and many more.

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