Episode 6 | Pangako Sa ‘Yo: Ang Simula ng Kasinungalingan – Recap and Review

It is totally understandable to cling on the romantic proceedings of PSY’s pilot week’s last two episodes, and hope for everything sweet and passionate between Eduardo and Amor to not end, when the very chemistry they share together seemingly screams to us right through the tv screen.

Amor Eduardo kiss

Episode 4 carries on with the romantic mood set by its precedents, indulging us again to the now full blown romance between Amor and Eduardo. It’s an episode overloaded with honeysuckle sweetness and fiery passion of love, that felt to last for eternity.

But we’re all fools to believe it was going to, aren’t we? As it heads to its final moments, we share Amor’s horror as Eduardo’s mom announces his engagement to Claudia Salameda, and right there we see Amor’s world crumble asunder.

In episode 5, we are introduced to a common soap opera trope where two lovers go against the world. Eduardo’s love for Amor is too strong to be shattered by his mom’s sudden announcement. Through the episode, we see them defy the odds, and for some moments, we suck in an air of relief as we see the romance between Amor and Eduardo, gathers fire anew.

Claudia Buenavista

These turn of events, of course, have the power to change the trajectories of other characters, and for Claudia’s case, the effect is crippling and embarrassing.

Cut to tonight episode, and we see Claudia and Amor forced to go back to their scrimpy squatter’s home, where their lazy and blabbermouth neighbors have their eyes set upon them, throwing relentless innuendos at them as they wade through the muddy way up to their house.


The bitter and belittling words have a torturing effect on Claudia’s mother (Sylvia Sanchez), who turns out to be already dying of cancer. A bitter exchange of farewells gives way to Claudia’s promise for her mother: that she’ll do anything to get everything she deserves to have, everything that life has deprived her of, including Eduardo.

This sends her begging on her knees, back to Doña Benita, who has sought the moment as an opportunity to save her family’s falling bussiness. Earlier in the episode, we are exposed to Buenavista’s tragic drop of shares in the stock market, immediately after an embarassing incident, involving Diego (Bernard Palanca).

However, much of this misfortune, is caused by an illegal “insider trading” happening inside the company, which, as it turns out, Amor has something to do with (though, unintentional). This involvement puts weight over Eduardo and to his relationship with Amor, a weight, that is, apparently, enough to make him start questioning ,drive Amor away.

Hurt, Amor finds comfort in Diego, who we’ve seen to be really in love with her, even before Amor said yes to Eduardo. Having Amor as an audience, a drunk and emotional Diego, bursts with his anger for his mother and jealousy toward his brother.

PSY Amor

Amor, amidst of her own personal emotional load, is more than willing to provide comfort, but when Diego suddenly kisses her, she knows something just isn’t right. And Eduardo, who has been waiting for her in her boarding house (probably to say sorry), may be feeling the foreboding threat too.

But for Claudia, who has secretly followed Amor and Diego, the moment seems to come across as a potent advantage for her own pursuit. This string of events sets the mood for the next episodes, intense, and the preview warrants a furious confrontation between the two brothers.

Overall, #PSYAngSimulaNgKasinungalingan is as great as those of the pilot week. We see the events getting more intense, and there has been enough hints of the incoming emotional tragedies set to unfold for Amor, which guarantees tearjerking episodes to come. It’s also worth-noting how the series maintains its beautiful breath taking cinematography that we almost only see during pilot week.

Through the events that unfolded in this episode, it’s not hard to guess how exciting and dramatic things are gonna be, in the coming ones. We see how Doña Benita’s natural leaning to wealth and power keeps her carrying on with her evil plans, and Claudia, appears to be more willing to be used as a vessel for the old woman’s causes.

We also witness the inevitable rivalry between the two brothers, Diego and Eduardo, unravel, giving us a glimpse of what’s next to unfold between them and their family.

While we all know, Amor and Eduardo’s love story is soon going to end, we are also anticipating for an equally, if not greater, epic love story, set to take us by storm. Recent previews have been hinting the arrival of Kathniel’s characters to the series, so you better ready yourselves for the overwhelming doses of irresistable kilig.


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