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How technology became a part of my daily #SmartLife

It’s funny how a single blink of technology could incorporate my life into something huge, into something better.

Starting from the portable music that sets my mood to be productive each day, up to the daily apps that makes every inch of my life easier. What more could I ask for?

flat desk

10:14 am.  Here I am sitting infront of my laptop with the aroma of coffee surrounding me, wondering about things that needs to be done, preparing for the series of meetings that my system is very nervous for. It’s a good thing that Spinnr‘s great music puts me on track. (Grabbed my new PULP Magazine at Buqo app today! I love how this app satisfies a bookworm like me.)

11:09 am. Gotta get ready for my first meeting which is on 1pm. But first I gotta have something to eat. Travelling from home to a series of fast food chains and being on long lines would take so much time that is why I prefer to use my favorite app, Food Panda instead. Gotta update you later, here comes my ordered lunch!

11:30 pm. This Easy Taxi really is the most comfortable ride for me. I still have an hour and a half. Go kuyang driver! We can do this. Haha! (P.S. I don’t think I can update you guys for a while. Meetings ’til 5pm. Gotta go!)

7:00 pm. Whew! What a very productive day! It’s been a while since I got hold of this couch of mine. Now this is just one of those days when I just want to isolate myself from everything. So far, things were successful for today, a number of tasks ticked off of my to-do list. Taking my mind off of things, I grabbed my remote, microwaved some popcorn and turned to iFlix for a great movie marathon tonight.

I prefer it this way. Working hard and rewarding yourself after. I’d always believe that what matters most is how you make yourself feel at the end of each day. And right now, I am feeling fulfilled and blessed.

Thankful enough for this smart life that made everything possible.


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