MOVIE REVIEW: “Chain Mail” obviously fails as it crushes under the weight of its poorly-constructed and aimless narrative

There are probably more reasons to laugh than to scream in Adolf Alix Jr-helmed horror movie, “Chain Mail.”

Viva Chain Mail

That’s judging the sweep of chuckles you’re probably going to hear once you’ve stepped into the theater. The real danger in this new offering from VIVA films will surely pale in comparison to the imminence of its terribly-flawed and executed screenplay, and the horrors that come in the wake of its failure to provide hair-raising creeps are much scarier than the film itself.

It all begins with a chain e-mail forwarded to a group people, promising its receiver an immense luck if the chain is extended to seven people within nine days, but places its recipient under the curse of death, if the letter isn’t sent. The curse is real, as those who broke the link begins to die, one after another, and the only way to stop it, is to eliminate its source.

The film probably has a sincere intention to deliver horror and fright, but it obviously fails as it crushes under the weight of its poorly-constructed and aimless, non-sense infested, narrative, whose star monster would probably draw chuckles rather than inspire terror.

Viva Chain Mail

There maybe an outpouring amount of desperate efforts to send creeps, but too few if not none ever hits a target. The blame for this may be too heavy to be pinned solely on the film’s utter lack of decent character developments, but you might as well do such thing, just in case you find placing the weight of blame over the vapid and uninspired trend of the proceedings, unsatisfying.

If it is any consolation, you would be happy to know that this film is teeming with young and fresh faces whose overwhelming charm would surely be of great asset to a teenage romance movie, but obviously, not in horror’s territory…not in “Chain Mail” at least,

RATING: 5/10 (JE)


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