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‘God Gave Me You’ original singer to visit Philippines for AlDub?

The moment the hashtag #ALDUBMostAwaitedDate has started trending on September 19, 2015 (Saturday) it has been a big hype on Twitter over the phenomenal love team ALDUB that has peaked on a 12th million mark on tweets, breaking all-time most tweeted hashtag record in the Philippines and all over Asia.


With the craze visibly skyrocketing all over social media, it gotten the attention of the American singer Bryan White, who is the original singer of the song ‘God Gave Me You’ which has been the commonly used theme-song in almost every episode the “Kalyeserye” segment of Eat Bulaga is being aired.

He first tweeted “What is ALDUB? A wedding?”



It first gotten his attention when fans who are currently watching the said episode and tweeting simultaneously asked him to check on ALDUB. And with all the buzz and confusion going-on, Filipino fans have explained to him what ALDUB is all about and the relation of his song to the said love team.


And when everything became clear to him, more fans have been tweeting him and alot of conversation went on and on. Fans also started clamoring for him to visit the Philippines one day, while the ALDUB fever is still on the high.


According to Bryan White, the song ‘God Gave Me You’ was released from the year 1999 which was a big hit in the US on the said year.

He mentioned how amazing it is how music travels through places and time, and where it might end in which after more than 15 years, it just recently became a hit in the Philippines. He added how he still loves the song up to this day.


And finally, with all the calling and tweets from the Filipino fans expressing their love towards the song ‘God Gave Me You’ and how it perfectly compliments the ALDUB sweet moments, Bryan White has answered for all the requests for him to visit the Philippines.

Watch the video here:

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