Claudia Buenavista and Beabianca join forces to breakup Angelo and Yna

Claudia Buenavista finds an ally in Beabianca to set her plan in motion to break up Angelo and Yna in the top-rating “Pangako Sa’Yo” starting next week.

In Friday’s (September 18) episode, Claudia confides to Coring her dark plan to separate Angelo and Yna by making sure that the young lovers won’t have time to be with each other.

Claudia Bea Bianca

Claudia will also team up with Beabianca to further spice up her plan to ruin Angelo and Yna’s relationship.

What will be the first move of Claudia and Beabianca in their plan to destroy the relationship of Angelo and Yna? Find out next week in “Pangako Sa’Yo.”
“Pangako Sa’Yo” airs weeknights after “Nathaniel” on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida. For more information about the program, visit the official social networking site of Star Creatives at,, and


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