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Joey De Leon keeps on posting cryptic tweets

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are basically a digital form of personal diary. Before we keep our diary  lock in a drawer or closet fearing that everyone can read it.

But for now it’s opposite. It is now unlocked and we were able to share our thoughts to everyone, we are posting “What’s on our mind?” or “What is happening?” When an idea suddenly pops, we tend to go to our favorite social media sites to share and let everyone knows it. Admit it, that is the reality.

Yes, social media platforms now are our way to say anything we want to say. Whether it pertains to a certain person or a community, or even regarding a particular show. Good or bad, we are posting it. All ages were using these platforms already. We also tend to follow celebrities to know what they do, they eat, they wear even their thoughts and reactions. It seems to be be norms to follow your favorite celebrity and be updated in their glamorous world. Their social media accounts are like an open diary for all of us.


These celebrities are often called also as  ‘influencers’.

Like Joey De Leon, he is a celebrity who is very active on using social media. He religiously post happenings in his life. In fact, he has half-a-million followers in Twitter.

Recently, Joey De Leon with  a Twitter handle, @AngPoetNyo, keep on posting cryptic tweets. No one knows who exactly the tweets are addressed to. But, with his age and maturity in showbiz, it is not hard to guess that those posts are hitting the rival network.


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