3 months ago, Maine Mendoza proudly shouted, “I am a Kapamilya”

LionhearTV is back with another kickin’ revalation to all of you guys about our all-time favorite Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub!

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Last week, LionhearTV gave you an exclusive juicy trivias about Maine, whereas, some are still wondering if she’s an avid fan of her rival show, “It’s Showtime!”. We’ve heard many comments saying that the tweet was posted years ago and we couldn’t jump into conclusion that we can call her a ‘Solid Showtimer’ by relying solely to her post.

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We got your point there, LionhearTV cubs! Really. But we got a back up answer that will literally blow your minds!

We really find Yaya Dub’s ask.fm account very helpful to get know her more. Exactly 3 months ago, when this 20-year old pretty gal was not yet part of the longest-running variety show, “Eat Bulaga”, an ask.fm user asked her, “If you’d become an actress, should you be on 2 (ABS-CBN) or 7 (GMA)?”

Her straight reply was, “I am a Kapamilya, so I’d say Channel 2.”


So, I guess this perfectly concludes any confusion you may have in your mind. Any thoughts about this post is pretty much welcome! Hit the comment button below!

Featured Photo: Maine Mendoza/ Instagram



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