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Luis Manzano makes waves in underwater photography

Even if Luis Manzano was involved in a heated discussion with Enrique Gil and Jessy Mendiola, during their flight to London, he did not give out any comments about on it but instead continue to strive and do his own thing.

Projects after projects, it is no doubt that Luis Manzano is one of the busiest actors in today’s TV programs. Manzano is the host for “The Voice of the Philippines” and “The Voice Kids” which just ended last month. Currently, Manzano is the host of “Kapamilya’s Deal or No Deal” that airs from Monday to Friday, and he is as well tagged as ‘Karaokey King’ together with Alex Gonzaga, the Karaokey Queen of “ASAP 20.”

With Luis Manzano’s professionalism and success in showbiz, it is no doubt that he is a versatile actor and host. Even off-screen, Manzano was recently chosen to be one of the VIP photographers of Underwater Photography.

His work was displayed together with the world’s best underwater photographers. He proudly showcased his work and his VIP ID in his Instagram account.

Luis Manzano Adds Another Achievement as Underwater Photographer


It is indeed a great work for Manzano. Thanks Luis for sharing your wonderful work of art to world and once again, congratulations for a job well done!


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