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WATCH: Spandau Ballet transported Filipino fans back to the 80’s

The award-winning English new wave band Spandau Ballet performed at the fully-packed concert, on September 21, 2015, at the Mall of Asia Arena, transporting Filipino fans back just like when it was the 80’s.

Performing a line-up full of nostalgic hits such as the romantic ballad ‘True’ and the powerful song ‘Gold’, even being apart for several years, the band effortlessly nailed the performance hearing the crowd that they still sounded just like when they were just new. A rare performance indeed, as it is the first time for the entire band to perform in the country.



The group was formed during the late 70’s in London. Band’s classic line-up features brothers Gary and Martin Kemp on guitars, vocalist Tony Hadley, saxophonist Steve Norman and drummer John Keeble who unfortunately couldn’t make it to the Manila show, apologized by Tony for the absence.

The group’s debut single ‘To Cut a Long Story Short’, reached No. 5 in the UK in 1980. Their popular hits were ‘True’, ‘Gold’, and also included singles like ‘Chant No. 1’, ‘Only When You Leave’ and ‘Ill Fly For You’. The band has had eight UK Top 10 albums, including three “greatest hits” compilations and an album of re-recorded material. In 1984 they received the Brit Award for technical excellence.


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The band reached their international fame status when they released their 3rd album “True” in March of 1983. The album has more of a pop sound treatment and It was at this point that Steve Norman began playing saxophone for the band. Preceded by the title track which reached number one in various countries, the album also reached number one in the UK. Their next single, ‘Gold’, reached number 2.

Although the band has went on a hiatus and split during the 90’s, they made a comeback last 2014 together with their 80’s career documentary called Soul Boys of the Western World, which premiered at the Royal Albert Hall. This year of 2015, they began touring, performing their hits from the 80’s which people have loved through the test of time and embraced their music as timeless.

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During the performance, there were short video snippets about the past history of the band, citing some of the documentary of their journey through the Spandau Ballet’s early years. There was one statement on the video mentioning of the split saying “we don’t want people to remember Spandau Ballet to have ended-up in disaster”, becoming the motivation of the reunion resulting to this year’s successful tour, very much visible in the night of the Manila concert.

The crowd sing their hearts out and danced on upbeat songs on the line-up, reliving the days during their high school days, when bands often wear crazy hair and outrageous designer fashion at that time. Forgetting the time (and probably age) women were screaming and dancing like teenage girls while the men are raising their hands as they sing the power hit ‘Gold’, the all time favorite.


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At the end of the performance, the band made a group hug and jumped together like they we’re young boys and in an opinionated note, what they had in mind on that very moment is that why just now? Why didn’t we come here 40 years ago? This has proven of their triumphant comeback and still proven that the love for their music still lives upto this day. Well it’s never too late as music is timeless.

Watch the highlights here:

As an addition, the show is opened by another popular band, vocalist of Fra Lippo Lippi, Per Oystein Sorensen, serenaded the crowd with ballad hits as a warm-up before the Spandau Ballet’s main act.

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