Young Actor regrets rejecting Gregorio del Pilar role in “Heneral Luna”

There is a young actor who is probably banging his head against the wall for rejecting a small but important role in the historical biopic “Heneral Luna”.

goyong heneral

According to Ogie Diaz, the role of Gregorio del Pilar was first offered to the young, handsome actor. But he refused it because he thought it was just a small-budgeted Indie film. Little did he know that the film producer, Fernando Ortigas, was no small fry. Ortigas reportedly spent around P240 million for the film.

The disappointed actor also said he wasn’t impressed with the cast, that’s why he decided not to push through with the project.

He probably made the worst career move when he did this.

“Heneral Luna” became one of the most critically-acclaimed films in the history of Philippine showbiz. It has also been chosen as the Philippines’ official entry to the Best Foreign Language Film Category in the Oscar Awards next year.

Not only that, “Heneral Luna” made a killing at the box-office. It started slow at the box office, making only P15 million in the first week of showing. But it gained momentum in the succeeding weeks as its quality and brilliance spread by word-of-mouth among movie buffs. At its fourth week, estimated box-office sales reached P8.5 million a day.


The educators did their part by requiring their students to watch the film. But even if it wasn’t, the quality of the film is enough to make it a blockbuster.

“Heneral Luna” is now considered as the highest-earning historical film with gross ticket sales approaching the P300 million mark.

The film is so popular that most members of the cast were praised by the audience, including those who had minor roles.

One of those minor roles was that of Gregorio del Pilar, which went to Paulo Avelino, It is rumored that Paulo Avelino might also take the same role in another historical biopic tackling the role of the hero of Tirad pass. It will be produced by the same people behind “Heneral Luna”.

When and if Gregorio del Pilar also becomes a major hit, how will the regretful young actor feel again?

Well, life has to go on. He is still young and with his acting skills, a lot of opportunities will still come his way.


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