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Teen King Daniel Padilla shows support to Mar Roxas in 2016 polls

Election time is near and the topic of “who will endorse who” is always trending. Some celebrities choose not to endorse anyone in the belief that they want voters to choose candidates without bias. Some even think they have had enough of endorsing anyone because of bad experiences like it affected their reputation.


But there are also some celebrities who believe that if they really want to support someone, they are willing to endorse them no matter what. Just like one of the most popular actors today, Daniel Padilla, who recently officially announced his support for Presidential Candidate, Mar Roxas.

It didn’t come as a surprise that Daniel would be endorsing a political candidate. His mother, Karla Estrada, announced it before.

Using Twitter, Daniel Padilla tweeted a YouTube video of him interviewing Mar Roxas in a very casual way. They talked about traffic issues and how Mar Roxas thinks they will be resolved. The video is very interesting because a lot of people, especially in Manila, will be able to relate to it. Daily commuters endure heavy traffic anywhere, anytime.

As we said, the interview was interesting because it is about traffic. But a lot of people are disappointed that Daniel Padilla went after money. They ask him why he allowed himself to be used in political propaganda. Although, Filipinos are used to celebrities endorsing political candidates, in this modern time where people can freely speak up their minds, it turned out that majority are against it.

The first thing that comes to mind when a celebrity endorses someone is that he or she has been paid a huge amount of money.

But for other observers, they think everyone has a right to broadcast who they support, whether they got paid handsomely or not.


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