Joey Marquez sympathizes for ex-wife Alma Moreno

Joey Marquez admitted that he is hurt by the ongoing bashing directed to his ex-wife Alma Moreno over the latter’s controversial interview with Karen Davila on ANC’s “Headstart”.

joey marquez

Marquez revealed to Philippine Entertainment Portal or PEP that their kids, Charles Yeoj, Winwyn, VJ and MM cried over the incident. And if they get hurt, it angers him.

However, Joey said that he is also fair. He said, “Hindi mo maalis kay Karen yun kasi trabaho yun, it’s her credibility.” ( You can’t take it away from Karen because that’s her job, it’s her credibility at stake.)

The said interview of Alma with Karen has gone viral on the internet with more than 2.7 million views and counting.

Most netizens described the interview as “awkward” since it showed how Alma found it difficult to answer questions thrown to her regarding her advocacy for women’s rights.

Karen focused on the Reproductive Health (RH) Law while Alma seemed at a lost on how to explain her stand about it.

Joey said that the RH Bill and Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) are difficult topics to tackle. It took decades for senators to study them and cannot be asked or discussed in just one day.

He reiterated that Karen cannot be blamed for what happened during the interview because it is her job to let people know the capacity of candidates running for public office.

But, what Joey does not like is the conclusion that others drew from the interview. He doesn’t like it when one’s capacity is questioned just because he or she is an actor or actress.

He said he is also an actor, but somehow, he knows some things about certain issues.”Ako, artista din ako, pero siguro may alam naman ako nang kaunti,” he told PEP.

Joey says that it is everyone’s right to run for a position and it is embodied in the constitution of the country. He said that if there’s anything to blame, it is the lack of specific qualifications for candidates.

As for Alma, what happened to her after that “awkward” interview?

She said she was hurt by the bashing and criticisms but thanked those who defended her as well. She continues her fight for a senatorial seat, as part of Binay’s United Nationalist Alliance (UNA).


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