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Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza, Julie Anne San Jose post positive tweets after “Sunday PinaSaya” show

GMA Network’s “Sunday PinaSaya” was a smash hit last weekend as Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) made her first guesting on the show. Alden was unusually hyper the whole time that Maine was with him.

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The AlDub love team had several sweet moments during their scenes at ‘Caring Deria’, ‘Chef Boy Next Door’ and ‘Kantaririt’.

It was obvious though, that Julie Anne was not in the scenarios where Maine was with Alden, especially at the ‘Caring Deria’ portion where she is usually part of the cast. What fans didn’t expect is that she would be part of the hot topic for the day. And that’s not because of her absence in the scenes but because of what happened off camera.

Maine reportedly entered Julie Anne’s dressing room and apologized to her for all the bashing that Julie Anne has been receiving online. Though it’s not her fault, Maine took it upon herself to do something that earned her praises from a lot of people.

Remember that a few days ago Director Rich Ilustre’s tweet which “confirmed” that Julie Anne is the girlfriend of Alden Richards became a controversial issue. Although Ilustre cleared that up and so did Alden, the bashing of Julie Anne didn’t stop.

Gladys Guevarra witnessed everything. In a series of tweets, Gladys said that Maine hugged Julie Anne while she apologized and the latter broke into tears. Nobody took a photo so as not to ruin the sincerity of the moment.

After that good news, it became obvious from the tweets of all those concerned that something positive happened on that Sunday. Though, they didn’t refer to the incident specifically, from the message alone, you would feel that closure on the issue has finally been achieved because of Maine’s humble gesture.

Alden tweeted “Good vibes Sunday indeed! God bless you guys.” while Julie Anne wrote “Have a blessed Sunday guys. Spread the love, gv lang tayo.” Meanwhile, Maine thanked the Sunday Pinasaya family for inviting her. She said she had so much fun.

Fans thanked all of them for a good show and most of them said that it’s about time to stop the hatred and the bashing. And to that, we all agree.

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