Lea Salonga is keeping mum on Miss Universe 2015 monumental gaffe

We all know Lea Salonga to be outspoken, sometimes she get praised from it but on many occasions she gets bashed.

Coach Lea Salonga (2)

We’re still on high with Miss Universe fever and after the mistake made by Steve Harvey on announcing the winner of the pageant; netizens went crazy with their posting on what happened.

With regards to the pageant host gaffe Miss Lea Salonga doesn’t seem to want to jump in the bandwagon.

leasBut netizens sometimes reads between the lines and I remember when she’s one of the Judges of Miss Universe pageants, during Shamcey Supsup, and she gets flak that she did not do enough to enhance Sahmcey’s chances. However, Ms. Salonga already gave her side of the matter.


On the other hand, Lea is right. Enough with the Host Bashing and let’s all move forward. Nevertheless, after 42 years we have another Filipina Miss Universe.


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