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AlDub teleserye still pending; Will Alden Richards proceed to do a teleserye without Maine Mendoza?

Lately, the clamor of the fans of Alden Richards to see  him in a ‘teleserye’ has been so strong. On of his fan named Mharu shared a sentiments in Pinoy Exchange.

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“It’s been almost two years now that Alden has not been in a prime time series.  I hate it that they are just awaiting TAPE’s go signal.  If TAPE is scared to do it, why can’t they just partner with GMA Network and co-produce the ‘teleserye.’  Is it that hard to do it?,” Mharu commented.


“Let’s all be realistic here, if they want to stick it out with “KS” for a long time, they can do it without dragging Alden into it.   Yes, they are correct in saying that Alden is still young, but that doesn’t mean they can  forever keep him in “EB.”  The time will come that Alden will mature, so as with his audience.  I don’t want to see that day where there’s  no more AlDub, and no acting career for Alden,” Mharu added.

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Another fan named Shellphone exclaimed, “Correct!”  Not all the time they can just do cutie roles on “Eat Bulaga”.  Why can’t GMA Network just give Alden a chance to do it even without Maine Mendoza.  Why wait for her?  She’s not even a talent of GMA, when the time comes that “EB” is ready, then they can go ahead with it.  But for now, Alden’s fans misses him in the prime time series.

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“I don’t want their (AlDub’s)  first teleserye to be just a hit, but something that will leave a mark, something you would want to watch every  single night,” commented another fan.

There’s also a comment about ‘Contractual Obligations’ saying that when AlDub and their managements signed those contracts with their product endorsements, there were clauses that stipulated what they can and cannot do.

That those clauses include protecting, maintaining and sustaining the brand, and AlDub as a brand is not just Alden or Maine, but the two of them together.  Which probably means that whenever they do a ‘teleserye’ it should not affect the love team or it will affect their endorsements.

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We just hope that those who have a say on whether or not there is an upcoming show or ‘teleserye’ for Alden and Maine, they do decide as soon as possible before the fans totally lose their interest and patience waiting for it.


Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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