Boots Anson-Roa resigns from MMFF Executive Committee following Congress investigation

The recent 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) is tainted with controversies particularly the issue of disqualification of the “Honor Thy Father” from Regal Films as a best picture film entree.

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Among the members of the 2015 MMMF executive committee, Boot Anson-Roa is the first one to resign. This is in connection with the ongoing investigation of Congress where alleged anomalies within the recent MMFF finally surfaced.

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During the hearing at Congress, veteran actress Boots Anson-Roa resigns as a member of the MMFF executive committee. It is expected that other members will follow and resign too.

Boots Anson Roa
It is reported in Pilipino Star Ngayon that during the Congress meeting several members of the MMFF executive committee agreed of being transparent and planning to conduct an audit of the total earnings as well as a breakdown of the recent Metro Manila Movie Festival to finally settle things in order.

Dondon Monteverde of Regal Films producer of “Honor Thy Father” is elated to find out that steps are being taken to clear out some issues in the recent 2015 MMFF through the ongoing investigation conducted by the Congress.

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It was later found out that one member of the MMFF executive committee was involved in the production of two movie entries in the said festival.

In a statement, Dondon Monteverde of Regal Films said that they were penalized for violating the set guidelines or rules of MMFF, then what would be the repercussion to the MMFF executive committee member that clearly broken the rule? That is why Monteverde is hoping that the MMFF investigation will pull through up to the end.

In his own words Dondon Monteverde said ““Ang atin lang naman sana na magkaroon ng revamp, at we’ll make sure na luminis in their ranks talaga na walang ganyang mangyayari ulit,” {Translation- In my opinion I hope there will be a revamp and make sure that it would be a fair game so that this will never happen again.”}



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