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“Eat Bulaga” throws pre-wedding special for Vic Sotto, Pauleen Luna

“Eat Bulaga” followers  are looking forward to its Saturday presentation. The focal point on that day will be the soon to be wed couple Pauleen Luna and Vic Sotto. AlDub nation has nothing to fret about since Alden Richards stood up to Yaya Dub’s challenge of learning a musical instrument.

AlDub Pauleen Luna bridal shower
Great romantic opening number of Alden Richards and Yaya Dub at Eat Bulaga pre-wedding celebration today.

First of the three challenges of Yaya Dub to Alden is that he has to learn to play a musical instrument. This Saturday, Alden Richards delivered and played not one but two musical instruments. First is the yukelele where he played the song “Thinking Out Loud” and on keyboards where he played “Stay With Me”. Now that we got that out in the open, fans can look forward to the next two challenges.

Back to the pre-wedding Pauleen Luna bridal shower celebration, the bride to be entered the EB stage in a rose-colored long-sleeved lacey mid-thigh length dress holding a bouquet with a sash ala beauty queen saying “Ms. Bride.” The VST & Co. song “Ikaw Ang Aking Mahal” served as the background music.

Pauleen Luna Eat Bulaga bridal shower

Pauleen Luna looked nervous but at the same time was excited and said “Di ko alam ang mangyayari (I have no idea what will happen).” Pia Guanio, Ruby Rodriguez, and HBD Girl Patricia Tumulak sang “That’s What Friends Are For” live on stage.

Ruby Pia HBD Girl Pauleen Luna bridal shower
Pauleen’s friends outside Eat Bulaga also showed their support. Yayo Aguila, Camille Prats, and Sherilyn Reyes danced to the tune of “Love On Top” by Beyonce.

Pauleen Luna friends on her bridal shower
The ladies of Eat Bulaga sent out messages. Pia was the first one to send her pre-wedding message to Pauleen. “Keep God in the center of your marriage. I am glad you’ve found happiness with one another,” she said. Ruby Rodriguez kept it short and sweet by expressing her love and her belief that there is a ‘forever.’

Yayo Aguila wished Pauleen and Vic all the happiness, considering the hardships that the bride to be has endured all this time. She believes Pauleen deserves everything. Sherilyn Reyes wished Pauleen a ‘lifetime of happiness.’ Camille Prats uttered good words to Pauleen and said the latter is a very humble person and deserves to be happy.

Pauleen Luna bridal shower on EB
Wally Bayola, better known as Lola Nidora on Kalyeserye, had only words of wisdom to Pauleen: “Lahat ng magagandang bagay na dumarating sa iyo lalo na si Marvic ay grasya na galing sa ating Panginoon kaya pagkaingatan mo siya (All beautiful things that are coming your way, especially Marvic (Vic Sotto) are graces from God. that is why you have to take good care of him).”

Lola Nidora gift to Pauleen
At Pauleen’s bridal shower, celebration gifts were given to her. Maine Mendoza (Yaya Dub) handed her gift to Pauleen – framed childhood photos of Vic and Pauleen. HBD girl’s gift was a blue ‘bimpo’ or towel. Camille Parts offered ‘barya’ (coins) since she revealed that Pauleen is a very stingy person. Yayo Agula’s gift was a ‘batya’ (basin-for laundry). Sherilyn Reyes gave a basketball which she said is for the 1st little bossing son that the couple will have.

Pia’s gift was a ‘bilao’ while Lola Tinidora gave ‘bigas’ (a sack of rice). Ruby’s gift was ‘bagnet’ (crispy fried pork from Ilocos) and revealed that Pauleen loves eating fatty food. Lola Tidora’s gift was a ‘bayong’ (a native bag made from palm leaves) filled with vegetables while Lolo Nidora’s low budget gift was a ‘banig’ which the couple can use during siesta time in their own garden. All the gifts that the well-wishers gave started with the letter “B” which signified Bossing which is the most important gift of all.

Pauleen’s mother also sent a voice message, saying that she wished Pauleen and Vic to have a healthy family as blessing from God. May their love live on and extend to their future children together, she said.

Pauleen was asked to give a short message and these were her words: “Dahil sa “Eat Bulaga” na-meet ko si Vic thanks to God sa strength, humility and selflessness. Thank you everyone (Because of “Eat Bulaga”, I met Vic Sotto. Thank you God for the strength, humility, and selflessness. Thank you everyone).”


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