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Daniel Padilla will marry Kathryn Bernardo immediately if it’s the last night of the world

Fans of the Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla or KathNiel love team have been waiting for a long time for the tandem to admit their real feelings for each other.


That’s why a lot of them stayed glued on their tv screens last night, Feb. 12, as Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo guested on “Tonight with Boy Abunda”. Fans were hoping for explosive revelations.

Well, they didn’t exactly admit that they are a real couple. In a lot of ways, they just said how much closer and happier they have become and are still discovering new things about each other. Daniel admitted that they are now at their “happiest” stage in all the years that they have been together. They don’t want to be separated as a love team because they feel that they are starting again, this time as mature individuals.

But as expected with the KathNiel, they gave the usual evasive or indirect answers, when asked about the real score between them.

Boy Abunda asked, “What’s keeping you from saying, Yes, we are together or Yes we are a couple? Daniel paused before answering, “Hindi mabibigay siguro sa akin ng kahit sinong tao yung binibigay ni Kathryn sa akin.” (No one can probably give me as much as what Kathryn gives to me.)

Kathryn said that aside from her mom, no one knows her as much as DJ. He knows how to comfort her or to take care of her. She said , “Pag nawala yung isa parang ang hirap na, kasi nakasanayan mo na na andyan yung isa para saluhin ka.” ( If one is gone, it’s hard because you get used to having somebody around who will catch you.)

Then, Boy posed a question, which in our opinion, is the highlight of the whole interview.

Boy said, “Hypothetical talaga. Last night of the world. Will you get married?” He asked Daniel, “Will you propose,? Will you marry Kathryn? ”

DJ carefully measured his words and said, “Kung huling gabi na ng mundo, Tito Boy? Wala nang ano yan… Wala nang…” (If it’s the last night, Tito Boy. There will be no..)

Kathryn completed his sentence, “Rason, para ikasal?” (Reason to get married?)

Daniel said and continued, “No, no,no. Wala nang propose yun. Kasal na diretso. Sayang oras.” (There will be no proposal. It will be a wedding at once, so as not to waste time.)

Daniel laughed and so did Kathryn who said, “Paggising mo, nasa simbahan ka na.” (When you wake up, you’re already inside the church.) Kathryn leaned for a few seconds on Daniel’s shoulder, after saying so.

When Daniel gave his answer to Boy’s hypothetical question, the audience screamed excitedly.

Who wouldn’t? Especially if you’re a KathNiel fan?

Never mind that Daniel said on the Fast Talk portion that he had never kissed Kathryn on the lips off cam. Or that Kathryn answered that she never said “I love you” to Daniel off cam, too.

KathNiel fans are contented enough to hear that when push comes to shove, Daniel will not hesitate and go right ahead and marry Kathryn.

So, do we still need to hear from their lips that they are already a couple?


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