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Some Insensitive AlDub Fans Throws Hate Rather than to Condole with the Passing of Wenn Deramas

The recent news of the passing of Filipino film director Wenn Deramas caught the entertainment industry by surprise.

wenn deramas dies

For people close to the ‘blockbuster director’, Wenn Deramas was and will always be a great friend, family, and colleague to them. Unfortunately, not everyone seems to be sympathetic to the passing of the award-winning blockbuster director.

Support and condolences poured in  when the news of the passing of Wenn Deramas hit social media, but alongside this, came some unexpected condescending, insensitive, and just plain inappropriate  remarks coming from individuals who came to conflict with the director’s association and opinion in the past.

This mainly consists of SOME community members of AlDub (MaiDen).


Check out the comments section of various social media posts from various online sources (LionhearTV, PEP, Rappler, Inquirer, Manila Bulletin) reporting on the death and commemoration of the life of Wenn Deramas to see for yourself.


Names and images are blurred out to protect the identity of the people who made irresponsible remarks; to give them the time to re-evaluate and consider what they’ve posted and retract or delete them in their own accord.

Wenn Deramas has been a known associate and friend to Vice Ganda who happens to be a host of It’s Showtime (ABS-CBN) that rivals Eat Bulaga (GMA Network).

Wenn Deramas has worked with Vice Ganda on various movies which often became blockbuster success with their last project becoming a direct competitor with My Bebe Love: #KiligPaMore that starred AlDub in 2015’s Metro Manila Film Festival; a competition that soured because of some unresolved alleged controversies.

This all became fuel to the fire of passionate fans online to lash at each other to look for faults; relentless even at the news of someone passing.



How unfortunate that some Filipino netizens hardcore fans cannot seem to control their emotions and post a comment that spread their hate amidst the passing of a person whom they disagreed with in the past. As to why not let the friends and family of the deceased to mourn for him and set aside pride and prejudice for another day.



How unfortunate that some outspoken fans think that the passing of a person has to be associated with the business decisions made by the company he professionally worked under. That being a talent of a network is somehow a fault worth of mockery; relentless mockery of a person who has just passed away.


How unfortunate that some people cannot seem to at least be civil enough to sympathized with someone passing and have to drag the person’s sexual orientation or identity to speak ill of him even at the knowledge of his untimely passing.

Why do people are too quick to judge and make thoughtless insensitive statement all the while claiming that they are good religious individuals belonging of a particular community?


Why do people seem to think that it is alright to trample on the grieving process of friends and family of the person who they disagreed with before? What pleasure do they derive from doing so? What if it happens to their family, friends, or their ‘beloved’ idol? How would they feel?

It is a good thing that this is only some isolated cases, that not everyone who has come into conflict with someone has to be antagonistic every time. That these are only some insensitive AlDub (Kapuso) fans and some claiming to be religious and good who spread their toxicity in social media even at the news of someone’s death.

That there are more rational and good-hearted Filipinos who know when to pick their fights, to not put celebrities and television networks in pedestal, and to not allow their belief system to stop them from accepting others and being rational human beings.



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