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Fans Clash and Petition to Disqualify Maine Mendoza from Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2016

Dedicated and passionate fans are at each other’s throat once again and this time it is all about the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2016. A Change petition was posted asking Kids Choice Awards 2016 to disqualify Maine Mendoza because of an alleged cheating done by the network, management, and fans.


Started by the JaDines x KathNiels x LizQuens on, the petition asks people (mostly fans) to sign up to ask the Kids Choice Awards 2016 to disqualify Maine Mendoza as a nominee under the ‘Favorite Pinoy Personality’ category on the Kids Choice Awards 2016 due to allegations of cheating done by its network, management and fans. A video is embeded on the petition which shows an alleged ‘illegal’ cheating program which the video description claims to be taken from employees of GMA Network and TAPE Inc.

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Fans are quick to express their distraught and judgment on the Change Petition Page and on Youtube video source.

JaDines x KathNiels x LizQuens change org petition comments disqualify maine from kca 2016 edited

JaDines x KathNiels x LizQuens Youtube comments disqualify maine from kca 2016 edited

It is clear from the video that it does show a program that automates the voting of Maine Mendoza but it does not show that it was taken from GMA Network or TAPE Inc. office which can easily be dismissed with all the loud banging which associated to carpentry works heard from the video.

Even if it was done by an AlDub fan, it doesn’t mean that ALL AlDub fans are somehow aware of or utilizing this ‘cheating program’. It also doesn’t discount that the video could very well just be a ‘frame up’  or that it doesn’t guarantee that any JaDine, KathNiel, and LizQuen fans are not aware, in possession, or utilizing this as well. The video is questionable at best.

If one wants to try voting for any nominee on any of the category, one will simply be opted with this message:

voting Maine Mendoza on Kids Choice Awards 2016
You can vote as many times as you like, so keep voting for your favorites.


Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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