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Manny Pacquiao drops out of “Magic 12” after anti-LGBT remarks

Saranggani Congressman and Pambansang Kamao, Manny Pacquiao has drop out of the top 12 Senatorial candidates in the latest Pulse Asia Survey.

Pacman‘s big drop in the latest Senatorial survey is attributed to his strong words against the LGBT community.


It can be recalled that during the survey period, Pacquiao has figured into a controversy after his anti same-sex marriage stand. Pacquiao has faced opposition from both local and international celebrities after comparing gays performing sexual acts as worse than animals in an interview with TV5.

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No less than the King of Talk Boy Abunda, Asia’s Phenomenal Box-Office Star Vice Ganda and Filipina broadway star Ms. Lea Salonga were among the first to give their opposing reactions against Pacman‘s remark.

While Pacquiao has already issued an apology about what he said, it seemed the opposition against his senatorial bid has gotten the bigger effect as he landed in the 14th spot of the latest Pulse Asia Survey.

Pacman who was ranked 10th in the previous Pulse Asia survey in January has went down to the 14th spot on February 15 to 20, 2016 survey. From 46.9%, Pacquiao fell down by 12.1% in February getting a total of 34.8% preference score.

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While Pacquiao remains within the margin of winnable candidates, his big drop in the survey says a lot.

According to Political Analyst Ramon Casiple, Pacquiao’s big drop is the most outstanding data in the February 2016 Pulse Asia senatorial survey.

“Sa senatorial [survey], ang outstanding dun, yung bagsak ni Pacquiao. Nasa bingit na siya,”

(In the senatorial survey, the outstanding thing was the big drop of Pacman. He’s in the edge.)

“Obviously, it was the result of mga pinagsasabi niya tsaka reaksiyon ng LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community at iba pang naglabas ng posisyon sa issue, na universally kinondemn yung posisyon niya,” he added.

(Obviously, it was a result of what he said and the collective reaction of the LGBT community and the others who have released their position about the issue, he was universally condemned for his position.)

“Malaki ang problema ni Pacquiao kasi it’s going down. Hindi siya nag-stay doon sa periphery line.”

(Pacquiao has a big problem because it’s going down. He didn’t stay in the periphery line).


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