Mocha Uson reacts to Liza Diño’s IG post: “That is called AD HOMINEM”

Two are known as the most active supporters of presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte, Mocha Uson said, in an apparent reference to Liza Diño’s post on Instagram, to stop the threats and not to speak on behalf of others.

Liza Diño and Mocha Uson

In Mocha Uson’s post on Facebook on Friday, May 27, the 34-year-old sexy performer cautioned the Camarines Sur representative to support President-elect Duterte or else Duterte Die-Hard Supporters (DDS) will be forced to remove her from the office. Liza Diño apparently responded in an Instagram post on Sunday (May 29), she urged to stop the threats as the election is already over. She also asked not to speak in behalf of others.

Mocha Uson on her Facebook Page with over 3.6M likers aired her sentiments, “The lamest argument in a debate is attacking the person and not the issue. That is called AD HOMINEM.”

Mocha Uson reacts to Liza Dino

Attached with a screencap of a message coming from a fan, Mocha shared, “Yes, you are right. I am not the voice of all Duterte supporters and I am not a political analyst. I am just voicing out the cry of voiceless FILIPINOS who post their concerns on my page. Katulad na lang po nito. Magalit na kayo sa akin ang mahalaga ay ma-ipost ko dito ang mga walang boses sa ating lipunan.”

Mocha Uson reacts to Liza Dino



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