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Rodrigo Duterte denies catcalling the Kapuso reporter

No one can stop him from whistling because the President-elect believe that it’s part of his freedom of expression.

For our President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, what we have presumed as a form catcalling to GMA News reporter Mariz Umali is just a normal whistling and it’s part of his freedom of expression. “(whistles) You know, you don’t have any business stopping me every time I (whistles). That is a freedom of expression,” he said.

Rodrigo Duterte catcalls Mariz Umali

He further clarified, “Parang you cajole with the woman. (whistles) ‘Miss, saan ka?’ As a matter of fact, when I first saw you [reporter who asked the question], I said (whistles).”

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“Go to another question. You cannot stop anybody from whistling,” he added.

He also added that whistling is not sexual harassment, “I was exasperated by the question. Whistling is not a sexual thing. (whistles),” he said.

He, likewise, said it was other people who presumed that he was catcalling the Kapuso reporter. “Do not presume that you are the one [who I catcalled]. It belongs to the person. I may look at you (whistles) but I would look at that woman there. Because if you do that, especially if I whistle in public, you are speculating whether you are the one. It needs to be a cajole, cajole in, (whistles) ‘Mari, ang ganda mo.’ There has to be something like, really, inviting the…sexual undertones. Kung mag-whistling lang ako, [preventing] that kind of thing is intruding into constitutional grounds. Freedom of expression,” he said.

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“If you are a beautiful woman, at sabihin mo whistling is directed at a woman, (whistles) what am I doing? I am suggesting sexual intercourse? Would you think that would be the meaning? Or would you want that I want to fondle you? (whistles) I’m expressing something. You overextend the dimensions of…,” Duterte added.


WATCH: Mariz Umali, not expecting an apology from Rodrigo Duterte over catcall

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