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11 Adorable Pinoy Celebrity Gay Couples you need to know

4. Monique Wilson and Rossana Abueva

Monique Wilson and Rossana Abueva

Monique Wilson, a theater veteran, was also part of Miss Saigon along with Lea Salonga, married Rossana Abueva, an executive director for global product management at Standard Chartered in Singapore, on June 12 last year in Loldon.

The wedding invitation sent to their family and closest friends reads:

After seventeen years together, come celebrate our seven–year civil partnership into a more revolutionary commitment: marriage (in the eyes of the law), but really—the re-affirming of our radical union with those who have lived and laughed, cried, and celebrated, rallied and protested, created and adventured with us these last seventeen years. Plant and ignite more fires with us!

Monique-Rosanna wedding preen

In 2012, Wilson came out that she has been in happy relationship with a woman. Since then, Monique has also become an active participant promoting the rights of the LGBT community.


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